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Thread: 911 Normale Cars for Sale

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    FS: @Martin's - '65 ('66 MY) 911 Coupe - 302470

    Martin's German Service, Roanoke, VA
    1965 Porsche 2.0L 911 Coupe
    VIN: 302470
    Engine: 902691
    Trans: 223497
    Color: Polo Red/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: 25,999 (indicated -TMU)
    Price: US$179,890

    Name:  65 911 1.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 2.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 3.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 4.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 4-1.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 5.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 6.jpg
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    Name:  65 911 7.jpg
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    Dealer Description:

    This 1965 Porsche 911 chassis 302470 was finished on the 6th day of October in 1965 and as the number indicates was the 2470th made.

    Originally purchased at Harper Motors in Charlottesville Va. by a computer programmer for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory it is thought to have lived its entire life in Virginia. After a 25 year lapse in history it resurfaced in the Richmond area and was purchased by the gentleman that sold it to the current owner.

    It is reported to have had a professional restoration in 1990 with the original color Polo Red /6602 that shows very well today. The interior is said to be the original black leatherette in very good condition with patina in all the right places.

    The original chrome wheels with the correct date stamps are included with the car however a newer set are mounted on the car with Vredestein Sprint Classic tires. All the glass is thought to be original.

    The Kardex indicates that the engine number is correct however I suspect that there is a clerical error in the transmission number. The Kardex shows 223447 but the actual number is 223497. You decide.

    The odometer shows 25999 but is inoperative. Not unusual for a 55 year old classic but it will be sold as TMU true mileage unknown.

    The engine has the uber rare 6 Solex carburators with the twin fuel pump. Both have been recently restored and run great. The axles are the unique Nadella style.

    Included with the car are : Owners manual, Jack, Tool kit, sales brochure, color chart, and COA.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    Netherlands, Leiden
    ‘65/‘66 (?) for sale in Belgium, with matching Numbers engine.
    No aff.

    VIN 303001

    Name:  5090350F-F2AF-4706-A01A-214D40226FD8.jpg
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    Name:  B0D8A928-B551-4EB4-9D89-06A5D9FA7205.jpg
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    No Reserve: 1966 Porsche 911 Coupe at Bring a Trailer

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_15690760355d565ef66e7dff1966-Porsche-911-100-e1569805615357-940x627.jpg
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    BaT Essentials
    • Lot #23823
    • Seller: silverarrowcarsltd
    • Location: Blaine, Washington 98230
    • Chassis: 304287
    • 11k Indicated Miles, TMU
    • 2.0L Flat-Six
    • 4-Speed Manual Transmission
    • Dual Downdraft Carburetors
    • Silver w/Black Vinyl
    • Wood Interior Trim
    • Blaupunkt AM/FM Stereo
    • Fuchs-Style Wheels
    • Kardex
    • Delivered New To Germany
    • Private Party or Dealer: Dealer
    • Additional Charges From This Dealer: USD $0 Document Fee
    • Model Page: Porsche Longhood 911, Category: German

    This 1966 Porsche 911 coupe was completed on April 26th, 1966 before being sold new by Raffay Porsche in Hamburg, Germany. The car is powered by a replacement 1965 2.0-liter flat-six which is paired with a numbers-matching five-speed manual transaxle, and has undergone a color change to its current silver. Recent service to its dual Weber downdraft carburetors and a shift linkage rebuild with new bushings were carried out in August 2019. This 911 is located in British Columbia and is offered at no reserve with a copy of its Kardex, and recent records, and a Washington State title can be provided by the dealer at no charge.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_1569805575399e24d1966-Porsche-911-103-620x336.jpg
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    Originally Ivory, the car was repainted in its current silver at some point under previous ownership. The condition of the paint, brightwork, and other trim is shown up close in the gallery below. A Nurburgring badge is affixed to the engine cover vent, and a radio antenna is located on the right front fender.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_15698055447de540a6d8330399e1966-Porsche-911-106-620x324.jpg
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    Fuchs-style 15″ wheels with black insets are shod in older Vredestein Sprint+ tires, and a matching spare is located under the carpet in the front trunk.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_15690757056e7dff9f98764da1966-Porsche-911-157-620x413.jpg
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    The bucket front seats have been reupholstered in black vinyl with perforated center sections in place of their original Pepita fabric inserts. Matching black vinyl covers the rear seats and door panels, and the black carpets are protected by rubber mats.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_156907567195d565ef66e7d1966-Porsche-911-163-620x413.jpg
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    A wood-rimmed steering wheel rests in front of a black dash with matching wood trim. VDO instruments include a five-digit odometer reading approximately 11k miles, with total chassis mileage unknown. A period Blaupunkt AM/FM stereo is fitted in the dash, and a Webasto gas heater is located under the hood.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_1569075402565ef66e7dff9f981966-Porsche-911-209-620x413.jpg
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    The 2.0-liter flat-six said to be from a 1965 911 and is fitted with dual Weber downdraft carburetors equipped with K&N air filters. The carburetors were serviced and the throttle cable linkage adjusted by Coachwerks Restoration in Victoria, British Columbia in preparation for the sale, and a receipt showing the work performed is included in the gallery.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_1569075273208495d561966-Porsche-911-231-620x413.jpg
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    A numbers-matching five-speed manual transaxle routes power to the rear wheels. Bushings in the shift linkage were also replaced by Coachwerks Restoration, who noted that binding on shifts from second to third gear is likely due to a bent selector shaft which will require removal of the drivetrain to remedy.

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe_1569074908e7dff9f98764daKardex-304287-620x438.jpg
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    The Kardex copy lists a matching transmission number and indicates that the car was sold new to a Wilhelm Tegelhoff through Raffay & Company in Hamburg, Germany. Inspections and warranty entries are also shown in 1966 and 1967.

    The auction ends 11:00 AM Friday, 11 October 2019 at


    I noticed that the '65 engine now powering the car has the original center-lubricated camshafts and a block-off plate where the twin fuel pump for the Solex carburetors was once mounted.

    Some other photos show an mph speedometer and a later-than-1966 Blaupunkt AM-FM radio with the US FM band (88 to 108 MHz).

    The Kardex shows an FL code for the key which indicates a locking steering column as would be expected for a car delivered in Germany. The Kardex also shows the sole option: Lenkrad mit erhöter Nabe [Steering wheel with raised hub].
    Jim Alton
    San Dimas, CA
    Early 911S Registry # 237

    1966 VW 21 Window Bus
    1965 Porsche 911 coupe
    1958 Porsche 356A cabriolet

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    Quote Originally Posted by NeunElf View Post
    Separate thread on this car dates back to 2005:
    Sold for: US$95,000 (on 10/11/19)

    Name:  1966_porsche_911_coupe.jpg
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    Last edited by DOUGS73E; 10-11-2019 at 10:17 AM. Reason: Added sold for price.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    FS: @Finarte - 1966 2.0L 911 Coupe

    It appears this Auction House assumes it's high-end clientele are collectors with little knowledge of current market prices.
    Padova Finarte Auction, Fadua, Italy, October 25, 2019
    1966 2.0L 911 Coupe, Lot 28
    VIN: 304314
    Engine: 907563
    Trans: -
    Color: Sand Beige/Beige-Cream Leatherette
    Mileage: -
    Auction Estimate: €270.000 - 290.000/~US$296,500 - 318,500
    Sold for: NO SALE

    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 1.jpg
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    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 2.jpg
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    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 3.jpg
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    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 4.jpg
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    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 5.jpg
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    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 6.jpg
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    Name:  1966 Porsche 911 Sand Beige 7.jpg
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    Auction Description:

    - Details and original optionals, as new from the factory.
    - Perfectly restored.
    - Extremely rare example of the first series 911.
    - Safe investment and fully usable.

    The Porsche 911, chassis no. 304314 is a 1966 “0-series” (produced from 1964 to 1966), the very first model of 911, that came out of the lines with Porsche body and was registered on May 16, 1966, immediately before the marketing of the new 1966 model year which introduced the Targa, S and S Targa versions. It has a 2.0 liter engine type 901/05 no. 907563, with two triple-barrel carburetors, no longer Solex ones, but Weber 40 IDA C1, capable of 130 hp and with type 901/02 transmission. It is an IDEM "Renaissance", a state-of-the-art and zero km restoration of a classic Porsche 911. The car is a F model (produced from 1964 to 1973). It is a SWB, more responsive in road behavior than the post-1968 Porsche and is a decidedly rare model on the market. This car was delivered new to the USA to a known family of lawyers in New York, and still bears the original Porsche “Especially for” brass plate, used at the time to distinguish the cars featuring a special equipment. It was subjected to a total restoration process that ended in 2017 and is currently at km 0. It comes with original specifications, exactly as it came out of the factory fifty-three years ago. The interior-exterior color scheme is the original one: the Porsche 911, chassis no. 304314, is painted sand beige color with beige leatherette interior. It’s fitted with steel rims with chrome hubcaps, has wooden steering wheel rim and dashboard. The optional extras with which it was ordered are present: velvet mats, seat belts, fire extinguisher, expander for fastening suitcases, hand lamp, headrests, Webasto heating. The original Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio is also present, but is delivered disassembled, to preserve the integrity of the rare wooden dashboard. The car is equipped with headreasts on the front seats (specific for USA models), has German documents and is ready to be road-driven. The car has double international certification, by dr. Jochen Bader (independent inspector - former Porsche Classic technical manager, absolute international reference for Porsche 356 and 911) and Deuschle Büro (official inspector for CLASSIC DATA), and has a Porsche certificate of origin. Complete documentation is available with photos of restoration. Porsche built 1,708 cars with these model specifications (the figure does not differentiate the target market and/or any specifics for the market). It is estimated that much less than half of this production is still in circulation today and no more than 15% of this quota should be in original condition or restored to the original, like this car. It is increasingly rare to find a Porsche 911 of the very first series, especially if in these conditions of a complete and philological restoration, with all the details that distinguish it from the models that followed it in 55 years of uninterrupted history. A common thread joins all the 911s, but the enthusiast distinguishes the peculiarities of each version and in this first series car, all the details, from the chromed parts to the "911" writing on the bonnet different from all the following ones, are exciting and priceless.
    Last edited by DOUGS73E; 11-04-2019 at 07:10 AM. Reason: Added sold for price.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    FS: @Hemmings - 1965 911 Coupe - 300936

    2 years later and still for sale; was US$225,000, now US$187,500 . . .
    Hemmings Website Classified
    1965 Porsche 911 Coupe
    VIN: 300936
    Engine: (2.2L replacement)
    Trans: -
    Color: Black/Red
    Mileage: 96,000
    Price: US$187,500

    Name:  65 1.jpg
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    Name:  65 1-1.jpg
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    Name:  65 2.jpg
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    Name:  65 3.jpg
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    Name:  65 5.jpg
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    Seller’s Description:

    This 1965 Porsche 911 was completed on April 27, 1965 making it a true 1965 model year unlike many advertised as such that are actually 1966s. The chassis number on the car as well as on the Certificate of Authenticity, 300936 indicates that this vehicle was among the first 1000 911s ever built.

    I have owned this car for 32 years and purchased it from a gentleman who stated he bought it from the original owner in the Carolinas making me the third owner. Since a two- year total restoration in 1987, the car has always been flawlessly maintained, garaged and driven only on sunny days from May to October. The car runs like new with rebuilt mechanicals, brakes and suspension. Recent Michelin XWX tires. Steel or Fuchs wheels available. Bare metal re-paint using Glasurit products on rust free body in 2012 with all new rubber and deco moldings and re-chroming of bright work. Paint is in perfect condition. New all leather interior with rare original wood dash and steering wheel.

    The engine currently in the car is a completely rebuilt 2.2 E engine with only 27,000 miles over the last 23 years. It has Weber carbs and all OEM parts including new Mahle pistons and cylinders. A 1965 NOM engine case and most associated parts minus the rotating assembly and tin are available. 300 series 911s with rare early parts in this condition are almost impossible to find. This is Porsche driving in its most pure form.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    FS: @Legends - 1968 2.0L Porsche 911

    Legends Automotive, Litchfield, Connecticut
    1968 Porsche 2.0L 911 Coupe
    VIN: -
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Burgundy Red/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: -
    Price: £115,000/~US$147,600

    Name:  68 911 1.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 2.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 3.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 4.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 5.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 6.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 7.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 8.jpg
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    Name:  68 911 9.jpg
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    Dealer Description:

    Legends are pleased to offer this unique matching numbers example, owned from new by the renowned and respected driver / engineer Grady Clay of Rennenhaus fame.

    At 24 years of age Grady Clay graduated from Carnegie Mellon University at which point he special ordered from Vern Hagestad Motor Co. of Denver Colorado this 911 Coupe thus starting a life long love affair with Porsche and motor racing.

    The car was driven on just about every major race track in North America and has been piloted by no less than 4 F1 drivers, Jim Hall, Mark Donohue, Ritchie Ginther and Jo Siffert have all had a go. Dr. Ferry Porsche has been in the car as a passenger of Grady's.

    Over the years the car has had a number of 'hot rod' engines installed by Grady and Rennenhaus but importantly the original unit was always on his shelf and is now back where it belongs. (When the car arrived in the UK the original 2.0 litre unit was rebuilt by Rennsport which was the first time the engine had been opened). Car retains it's original books, spare wheel and tyre (unused) as well as option accessory roof rack. Porsche Certificate of Authenticity is present.

    Ordered and delivered:
    1968 Porsche coupe, 911/5, Burgundy/black - $6,329.00
    Cata glass, all - $60.00
    Blaupunkt Boston radio - $95.00
    (it has not been turned on since new)
    Bumper pads F$amp;R - $13.00
    911L instrument group - $38.75
    Front and rear stabilizer bars - $55.00
    Koni shocks - $38.50
    (This combination came with ventilated S-brakes – no additional charge.)
    4 hubcap colored crests - $6.50
    2 headrests - $38.00
    No dealer insignia – N/C
    Chrome wheels – N/C
    Replace horn button with '67 'butterfly' type – N/C
    Total price - $6,709.25
    3% Colorado sales tax - $201.28
    Total delivered price - $6,910.53

    Quoted from Clay Grady:
    'I immediately installed Fuchs – first 51Ž2x15 then deep 6x15 then 911R 7x15 with 185/70-VR15. It now has '73 RS 7x15. I still have the original 51Ž2x15 chrome with my unused spare (Semperet 165/78-SR15).

    The only outward changes to appearance are the addition of a '72 911S front bumper and no-bumper-guard 'S' front bumper trim, Bosch H1 and a '73 'flag' left mirror in black (it is always nice to see if anyone is gaining on you.)

    The only inside changes are a '70 914-6 GT steering wheel and a pair of '69 burgundy/black/white hounds-tooth seats. I did add a '69 MFI hand throttle and a return fuel pipe.

    It has 185K mi., still original paint (although lots of rock chips). Absolutely no rust. Never crashed although there have been many close calls. A little dent in RR, compliments of Milt Minter in a Dino.

    It has been driven by four F1 drivers (Jim Hall, Jo Siffert, Mark Donohue, and Ritchie Ginther). Ernst Furman, Kurt Myer $amp; Peter Schutz have driven it and Dr. Ferry Porsche as passenger. Some very notable mechanics have serviced it. Someone suggested that I should have maintained a 'Guest Book' – they were right.

    It is just a nice, now old, 911 with a lifetime of fun.' Like the car, the file is personal and contains many notes and details specific to this car and documents a life long relationship between owner and machine..
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    VIN 304350 for sale here:

    No aff.

    Name:  s-l500 (1).jpg
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    Name:  s-l500 (2).jpg
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    Name:  s-l500.jpg
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    Name:  s-l1600.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse-911E 1969 View Post
    BIN Price: US$92,577

    Name:  66 911 1.jpg
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    Name:  66 911 1-1.jpg
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    Name:  66 911 2.jpg
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    Seller's (dealer?) Description:

    California car for most of its life.
    This Porsche is super dry with it's original pans and body panels. No sign of any accidents.
    Unrestored interior. This is an all original interior including seats, door panels, carpet, headliner and visors.
    I have the original books and registrations dated back several years. No tools.
    I took only the two front seats out to the best in town to have them refit with new padding. The original horsehair was breaking down. I wanted to make sure they stayed in their original state and condition. The fit was done perfectly.
    All the glass is original including the front windshield.
    I enjoy the early short wheel base 911's. They're great to drive and handle. This one is fast and responsive. 5500 rpm's is where it wakes up.
    We had an incredible time driving up in Monterey during the events. There was so much interest in the car we've decided to post up now on the open market.
    One just sold for 95K on BAT with no reserve. I actually like this car better with the items it has to offer in comparison mentioned above in our text.
    The engine is a 2.0 liter S freshly built for speed and tuned by a Porsche expert out of Arizona. It runs incredible.
    Let me know if there is anyone out there who would like to have it in their garage.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    i cannot see any real odds at the above mentioned ....
    59 750 pre unit triton
    63 650 gray silver bikinitub triumph thunderbird
    70 650 astralred silver triumph bonneville
    65 912 slate gray "erwin"
    73 914 ravennagreen "ferdl"

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