Needing a better turn-in folks,

This "ad" is for one special extended hub steering wheel as pictured: Here is a very nice "RS" "RSR" steering wheel with beautiful hand stitched thick grip, ~3 3/4", ~95mm, luxurious leather. As OEM, cross stitching on wheel and baseball stitch on short spoke pieces. This wheel is specially made using Cornpanzer's (on this list) "extended hub kit" and an OEM 380mm wheel. Note the wheel appears thicker than actual due to photo perspective but see how now you have plenty of room for your fingers (sorry for dusty dash). This is perfect for moving the wheel away from the dash, especially needed for SWB cars but good for LWB too. Price in US including shipping and handling $900. Outside of US price with shipping and handling is $975. If you'd like the restored bowtie/butterfly which includes original leather Porsche emblem as pictured, please add $450 Available for immediate shipping. Please email directly to
PS Please pass on to your friends as, generally, I only post on this knowledgeable list.
Edit: I've added a picture of an identical wheel I made that has been on a VERY NICE LWB car for some time now.