Just wanted to do a crossover Post from Pelican about another group run we will be doing up to the Hawks Nest (where the 944 commercial was shot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LDWyFta4tU).
It was great to have a few of you guys along last time, bringing some very nice cars. Here's the thread with some pics of that day : http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsc...end-run-5.html

And this is the current plan for 05 / 19

Its that time of year the weather is getting nice and our cars are coming out of hibernation which means its time for a run. Our hawks nest run last thanksgiving was a great time and we had a great showing. I know many of you are heading to Hershey this weekend unfortunately I can not make it. But ill give you all some time to install your new pars and get every thing tested. So here is the plan,

SATURDAY MAY 19 we will be doing a run.

Last time we were able to do both the hawks nest run and the bear mountain run it was a great day.

So lets start out with this tentative plan,

8AM those in the area meet at the Rye Playland Parking lot. I know its early but the hawks nest is not close.

8:30AM we hit the road for the Chillis we met at last time (ill find the address). If memory serves it will take about an hour and fifteen to get there.

10AM arrive at the Chills and meet with the Jersey group. This worked out well last time we even had a random 997 passerby join the group.

10:30ish we leave the Chillies and head towards the hawks nest. We can meet with a final group there at the burger joint we met at last time.

Noon: we head out to do the Hawks nest run. We will grab lunch there on the way back.

After lunch it is up to people to do what they want. Some of us headed south for the bear mountain run after and some people headed home.

This was a great run last year and I would love to do it when the weather is nice. I know its far far in advance but if I post now people will have time to plan accordingly.


Here's the link to the original thread over at PP: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsc...k-off-run.html

Hope to meet some more of you guys.