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Thread: Going to look at a fantastic 1973 911S tomorrow. Need a bit of advice.

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    Going to look at a fantastic 1973 911S tomorrow. Need a bit of advice.

    I'm new around here, but have been reading voraciously. 2-3 hours a night for the past month. My wife is wishing I never got an iPad, let alone bring it to bed !

    I spotted a beautiful black 911 a few days ago just driving around some local concession roads on my motorcycle and stopped to admire it. The farmer's wife came out and told me her husband was going to sell it, having put only 1000 km on since an engine rebuild a few (?) years ago. He has owned it for 17 years and he bought it from someone in Texas apparently. It is black and has not a speck of rust. I mean not a speck ! Original paint and trim. I will dive into the serial numbers, but when I spoke to him on the phone last night, he said it was the original engine. I'll have to see. I assume it should be a VIN range of 9113300001-9113301430 and a motor range of 6330001-6332231 for US cars.

    The car has the original radio with it (but something else installed), non-original recaro seats and needs a new carpet according to him. Otherwise stock. Leaks a bit of oil on one side, he thinks because some seal has dried to from insufficient use. This car is an absolute steal even if I have to put those few things right. He knows what he has, has followed the auctions, but just wants to recoup what he paid for it and put into the rebuild. What a gentleman. Seems honest and I don't think he is trying to pass this off as something it isn't. I don't know how much documentation he has, but we'll know soon enough.

    I thought all these cars had black rear lettering, but this doesn't. Is that related to being a black car ? The trim around the turn signals is black, as are the front grilles. I have not looked under the hood yet, so I can't relay more on.

    I'm really excited about this. It's practically a barn find car, for less than the price of a number of fine recent ebay 911E and 911Ts of the 72-73 vintage. What am I looking at for proper seats ? Carpet isn't very expensive I know. I may choose to rebuild or reseal the engine myself or at a pro shop depending on what the oil leak is from. Even at 10 grand, it's a steal. I presume it would be less, but don't know what improvements have been done yet, like chain tensioners etc. MFI works perfectly he says.

    Anything I should look for in particular ?
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    Run away from this car. You'd be crazy to pursue it!

    p.s. please send me the owner's telephone number...

    Zitronengelb R1012 the RatBasterd

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    Dear Thrux:

    Verify the numbers, check the chassis for rust, then just buy the car (presuming it's as cheap as you suggest). You can look more closely at it once you own it. The clock is ticking and a quick response means everything.

    How much is he asking?

    Best, Jens

    Zitronengelb R1012 the RatBasterd

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    It is 28k Canadian. He claims he purchased it for 13k in 1994 and put 10k into a rebuild. He has the receipts, I just haven't seen them yet. After I talked to him, he listed it and has 15 potential buyers lined up, but since I was the first person by sheer luck when I stopped at their farm, I have first dibs at 10 am tomorrow. The rest of the horde starts at noon. I think you are right. There is no way to lose on this car. If the VIN and serial numbers are in the proper ranges, I'm buying it. I don't plan any restorations till I retire in 15-17 years, so if it drives now and has no rust, it is mine !

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    As Jens said buy it fast, since you posted photo with lic plate the vultures will be calling very soon.

    Take cash when you go to see it.
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    Heh, heh. I'm not that dumb. Normally. That plate has now been photoshopped. But it does appear in his Ad if anyone cares to look, and clearly people have. The guy is honest. What can I say. There are a few left in this world. If he promised it it me first, I believe him.
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    Its worth that in parts. Buy it as long as ths numbers check out.
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    You are right original "PORSCHE" lettering and "911S" badge were black anodized, they have just faded over time. "2.4" was silver with black background and looks correct.
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    Have you ever slept in your car before?
    If not, tonight should be your first night. Go camp out at the base of this guy's driveway.

    Good luck!
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    beh911 is right. Have a nice camp out! 73 S is a fun car to own and a hoot to drive, ask me how I know :-)
    Mark Curtin
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