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Thread: 911S/911L Cars for Sale

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    Not only the gauges, but the 4 screw horn grills

    All covered previously.. What about the upside down koni's on the rear, I haven't seen that before.. Really Nice car though..

    just as a reference point 308519S has green guages as well as 2 screw horn grills..
    Bob Petitt
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    Restored 67 911S

    I just saw this 1967 911S on European Collectibles web site. From the photos and description, it looks to be a very nice car. No price listed.

    Nick Psyllos
    S Reg & R Gruppe
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    Asking price is $85,000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ttweed
    Ah, thanks for the clarification, Eric. With the same inventory ID# on the web page, I wondered if it had gone anywhere or not. So do you think this ~20% price hike in the last year is indicative of where the market has gone?

    When I saw the car, I did not notice the gauges (it was up on a lift for most of the time), but they really do look like the gauges in my '68 from the pics. Since this is a late-production car, is it possible that the factory just ran out of the green gauges and started installing the '68 type? I have heard of such "phase-in/phase-out" operations before, with production/parts changes.

    Tom, I "think" the market is +20% vs LY. However, whether this car is overpriced or not is another thing. It would sell easier with a "correct" color. You are right, the factory did phase things in over time, who's to say this car isn't correct with these gauges, and the other later car is wrong with the green gauges? Nothing is absolute.

    As far as some of the others nitpicking a strong car like this... well, to me the color is the biggest variable. I could fix the other stuff in a weekend (save for the 4 screw fenders). I like the car. Trying to find a car that's restorable and getting it to this level for the total of $85K, that's going to be pretty hard to do. Show me another 67S for sale right now in the US that's this quality so we can do a "comp". I think sometimes people get too wrapped up in the small stuff. Whenever I buy a car it's the big stuff that I worry about...the last 5% won't make or break the car for me.
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    1966 Porsche 911 S Rally Car

    Regards Peter
    S Registry #1445

    1970 911 FIA racecar pastel blue
    1971 911s (sunroof) black
    1974 911 3.2 RS tribute aga blue

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    This car is offered in the classified section of the registry for 55K OBO.
    Michael Moenstermann
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    I'm no expert, but it looks to me as if a lot of what should be on a '73 S is missing from this eBay car from a high-volume flipmeister... # 190154753786

    My parts fetcher: 2018 Chevy Volt | My 'other car' '04 Turbo | Currently restoring: 1968 911S soft window

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    69 in S Reg Classifieds

    Does anyone have an issue with buying an Early S from its owner- putting 20+k on the price- and then selling to whoever-wherever- just to make that money.
    I mean these cars going to Europe arent coming back- as in ever.
    Those cars are gone from the pool for good.
    Once theyre over there- theyll be passed through generations without ever being sold again.
    So when all the toys are gone, and cant be traded around between us kids.........i guess it will all be worth it right?
    Or maybe its just me.

    Early 911S on sale 30% off!...if you pay in Euro or Pound.

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    Bits missing???

    Quote Originally Posted by Eminence Gris
    I'm no expert, but it looks to me as if a lot of what should be on a '73 S is missing from this eBay car from a high-volume flipmeister... # 190154753786
    Per Certificate of Authenticity this car is absolutely 100% correct, other than it's added Oil cooler loop and Partial dealer a/c,
    if by Flipmeister you mean a Porsche collector, then I am fine with that name,
    collecting, as I understand it, whether it be Coins, Baseball cards, stamps, or Pezz dispensers, hey isn't that how Ebay got started??,
    is continuously improving your collection, I have owned some of my cars for longer than this Board has been around.......


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