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Thread: 'Fifty Years of 911' . . .

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    'Fifty Years of 911' . . .

    Got this notice in my e-mail, this AM . . .

    This year’s Zone 8 California Festival of Speed will feature a display of ‘Fifty Years of 911’ on Saturday, April 6th at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana. Display hours will be from 9 until 4. Display participants will get free admission to the Festival, a commemorative T-shirt and free parking at the edge of the racers’ paddock, virtually in the shadow of the grandstands.

    We would love to have a car represented from each year of 911 production. Cars with a unique history, distinctive options or that are limited editions are especially desirable. Displayed cars may also enter in the Zone 8 Concours happening that same day; and are eligible for the special ‘50 years of 911’ people’s choice award.

    If you have a 911 that you would like to display in this fantastic event, please contact Bruce Herrington at:

    Please include the car year, body style, color and any unique or special attributes about the car. It also wouldn’t hurt to include a picture.

    Additionally, Bruce will also need to know your name, email address and cell phone number, so don’t forget those . . .

    So --- I wrote in . . .

    Hello, Bruce . . .

    Just found out about the 'Fifty Years of 911' display on Saturday, 06-Apr, and heard that you're looking for cars from every year.

    Well . . . I've got a '70 --- if you don't already have one

    911S coupe, green/black, std int, elec windows, LSD, all stock except for seat (early '70s vintage Scheel --- FG + wood) + steering wheel. 5 owners, Euro import . . . repainted but not restored --- tidy driver

    Lemme know?

    Thank you, Sir

    Rick Kreiskott

    We'll see if I can get a free tee . . . but I think we're goin', regardless

    Wonder if they take pets?
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    Heard back from Bruce . . .

    . . . You are in the database; The picture of your car reminds me why I love the long-hood cars so much.

    I'll get back to you as the display layout gets firmed up . . .


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    Latest correspondence . . .

    . . . Dear Porsche enthusiast.

    Thanks for offering your car for the 50 Years of 911 Display at the Zone8 Festival of Speed on April 6th. Though I am still missing cars for the years 67, 68, 71, and 94, I have just over 100 applicants for the other 45 slots. And, every time I’m about to send out this broadcast, I get some new applicants to send this to.

    I am trying to mix up body styles and colors throughout the display, to give a true perspective on the variety of 911 configurations produced by Porsche. I cannot personally inspect all, or any, cars, and the display is not competitive so daily drivers are as welcome as garage queens. ‘Porsches are meant to be driven’ so I’m happy with an entrant that looks driven. Of course, for this particular display the focus is on the products of the Porsche Factory, so modified cars are not appropriate.

    Since I can’t examine any of the cars, the selection decisions will be arbitrary. Indeed, I will be flipping coins to make some selection decisions. I feel fortunate to be dealing with Porsche People rather than say, Ferrari Fanatics, who might take extreme personal offense at not being selected. I hope everyone will come out the the Festival, and the display anyway, and if you can gloat over how much nicer your car is that the one I picked, good on ya.

    I’m reminded of a saying I heard from Marines “The boss may not always be right, but he’s always the boss”. So I’m going to play ‘Boss’ of the 50 Years of 911 Display.

    Final selections, for better or worse, will be announced by the end of the week.

    Again, do come out to the show, whether or not your car is selected.

    Thanks again for your offer . . .


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    More . . .

    . . . The Largest Porsche Event in the Southwest

    April 5-7, 2013

    Driver Registration: Opens tomorrow, Monday February 18, at 7:00 PM Pacific Time
    Club Race registration:
    Time Trial registration:

    Register early: This will be a sellout event!

    A Porsche Enthusiast’s Dream Weekend

    Not Driving? There is still plenty for you to see and do!

    Feature Event: 50 Years of 911 Display

    Come celebrate 50 years of the iconic 911 with us. Have a 911? Bring it down to show off in our Car Corral!
    Other Events:
    ..Vendor Row: Meet the Porsche industry's leading manufacturers, suppliers, tuners and restoration experts.
    ..Concours d’Elegance: Beautiful cars, to be fully judged and recognized!
    ..Taste of Autocross: Explore the performance potential of your car on a parking lot track delimited with cones under the guidance of a club instructor.
    ..Track Tours: Your chance to safely explore this famous raceway in your own car.
    ..Porsche Corral: Exclusively Porsches! Put your car on display in front of hundreds of Porsche enthusiasts. You never know, you might win the People's Choice Award!
    ..Swap Meet: Where the home mechanic or collector goes to find that missing part they need or a prized piece of memorabilia.
    ..Porsche For Sale Platz: Buy a car! Sell a Car! Place your Porsche in front of hundreds of enthusiasts, collectors and dealers for two full days!

    Put your 911 for the 50 Year Display!
    ..We still need a few year’s worth of 911s to complete this historic display:

    If you have a 911 from one of these years and would like to include it in our special display, please contact Bruce Herrington:

    Call for Volunteers!
    The best way to enjoy this fantastic event is to be involved. To volunteer, please contact: or visit

    For More Information:

    General info:

    Like to be a sponsor or vendor?
    ..Sponsor info:
    ..Commercial Vendor info:
    ..Swap Meet Vendor info: . . .
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    Your '1970' Representative . . .

    Just got this . . .

    . . . Dear Porsche Enthusiast

    Congratulations, your car has been selected for inclusion in the 50 Years of 911 display on Saturday, April 6th, at the Zone8 Festival of Speed, at the Autoclub Speedway in Fontana.

    Don’t get too smug, because the selections were based largely on how to mix body-styles and colors; some were even selected by coin toss. That being said, all the cars were great, and it was a real chore to make selections for years with as many as six applicants.

    Official display hours are 9-5, on Saturday only. If anyone feels they have to leave early, let me know now and I may be able to get a replacement. You will be given free admission and free parking for the Festival. You will not be required to stay with your car, but if you wish to, bring a chair, and maybe even a sun shade. Ear plugs would not be out of place, because the display area is adjacent to the racer garages and the track entrance. The food concession, Vendor Booths and the Zone8 Concours will all be close by.

    From here on out, I will be contacting you individually for details about your car from which I will make Data Sheets explaining how wonderful your car is, and how it fits into the evolution of the 911 design.

    I would like to have some volunteers – on the day of the display I also have commitments with the Concours. I would like some assistance with directing the cars to their places, and basic ‘checking-in’ of the exhibitors, as well as placement of the Data Sheets that will go with each car.

    Any questions, send me an e-mail.

    Thanks for your enthusiastic participation!

    Bruce Herrington . . .


    Actually . . . pushed pretty hard for this. Even went so far as to drop a dime about the 'dealer 100 = factory use' business

    And not just 'cause I'm cheap --- though do really like free stuff

    I keep hoping that, some day --- at some swap-meet/cruise night/car show/Porsche-type thingy some where . . . some Ole Guy's gonna come strolling on up, look at the car + me 'funny,' stick out his hand, then say . . .

    . . . Hiya. I'm Donald Anderson --- and I used to have a car just like that

    This is a Pretty Big Show, so . . .

    . . . here's hoping
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    Must put on your CV
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    Got word from Bruce my 69E has been selected as well... From Rennsport Monterey

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    Stefan Josef Koch
    RGruppe #194/SRegistry #1063
    1969 Porsche 911E, Light Ivory (38 years and counting)
    2015 Porsche Cayman S
    2012 BMW R1200GS, 1973 BMW R75/5

    "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." -E. Hemingway

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bummler View Post
    . . . Got word from Bruce my 69E has been selected as well . . .
    Excellent, Mr Koch . . . and looking forward to parking next to you + meeting you. Looks like I'll need to wash my car

    Any other Early 911ists in this? Need to get one of our decals mounted, pronto --- 'show the flag,' etc

    Would be extremely cool to see a bunch of us show up for this . . . in whatever corrals/display areas that get set up. No better way to get more paying (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) members into Our Little Corner than to show everybody Who We Are . . .

    . . . + What We Love


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    Still Looking for '67 and '68 . . .

    Got this note, yesterday . . .

    . . . Put your 911 in the 50 Year Display!

    We still need a few year’s worth of 911s to complete this historic display: 1967, 1968 and 1994

    Somebody has these cars! Let’s find them and get them into this display. Contact Bruce Herrington: . . .

    Not sure how many people are going to this --- Fontana's no Pebble Beach. On the other hand, there are a sh!t-load of Porsches in SoCal and notta lotta places to take 'em that time o' year, so . . . .

    I'm jazzed about the swap-meet

    We'll see


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    Saturday, 06-Apr . . .

    Got some notes from Bruce Herrington, 'bout tomorrow . . .

    NOTE #1

    . . . Dear 50 years of 911 Display Participant!

    Congratulations on being part of History! A gathering of 50 years of 911s is a Huge event, probably never to be repeated.

    To preserve this history, there will be video taken, and even a group photo such as has been done for the Historic at Laguna Seca. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity.

    Please arrive at the main gate of the Speedway shortly after 8AM. Proceed down the main road, bear left at the ‘Y’, travel along the road at the south side of the complex and eventually you will be directed into the lot at the Credentials Building. Go to any window and tell the clerk that you are with the 50 Years Display. BOTH driver and co-driver will sign the waiver, get a wristband and a parking pass.

    From the Credentials Building you will be directed through the tunnel into the track infield, turn right, proceed on past the Water Tower and turn right before the first Garage building. Proceed south past the building on the left, the gas station to the right, and to the fence. Ahead to your right should be a card table under an EZ-Up. At that table you will check in to the display, get your t-shirt and parking instructions.

    Once parked in the Display, you are free to look at other cars, go watch the action in the garages, go sit in the grandstand, wander Vendor row, look at the cars in the Concours, or sit and read.

    NOTE: there is no shade except up in some parts of the grandstands: bring chairs, hats, sunscreen, stuff to drink, a book to read, whatever. It WILL be a long day. Remember the official hours are 9: - 5: !

    MOST IMPORTANT; Be at or in your car at 11:00! to prepare for the parade laps. Do Not Be Late, or you will be named as the one who destroyed an historic event!

    You will be directed to the hot pits to be ready to go onto the track. When the group moves out, on the first lap you will be directed into the photo opp position and asked to stop and hold for photos. When the photo shoot is complete, you will get 1 more lap for moving pictures and then pull back into your parking slot for the afternoon. During that ‘second’ lap it is important that the cars stay closely bunched to get as many cars as possible into each frame.

    Keep an eye on your e-mail, because there may be updates at any time. In the next day or so I will try to send you a map showing the Display area and the route from the the Credentials Building.

    This is going to be a great event. Glad you have an opportunity to participate! . . .

    NOTE #2

    . . . Dear participant in the unique, historic, 50 Years of 911s Display at the 2013 California Festival of Speed

    As you know, there is only one EXHIBITOR T-shirt per car in the 50-Years Display. However, through the generosity of Falken Tire, an additional Falken T-shirt will be given to each car so that the co-driver need not go topless!

    I already like Falken tires, so I hope your co-driver will wear the shirt proudly, and remind you to buy Falkens next time. To get your Falken T-shirt, go to the Goodie Store in Vendor Row, the other side of the fence behind the Display cars, give them your name and collect your co-driver’s shirt.

    1) the display cars will be parked on asphalt, with no shade in sight, so bring personal shade and sunscreen.
    2) the Display is at a raceway, after all, so bring cotton (or the modern equivalent) to put in your ears to shut out the noise.
    3) be with your car at 11:00 to be ready for the track tour and group photo. Your car should be back in place by 12. From then on you are free to spectate where-ever you wish.

    See you Saturday . . .

    The weather's been changing over to the June-gloom pattern of morning low clouds + fog changing to hazy sunshine in the afternoon . . . but I remember Fontana as being hot --- sunshine + no shade + a whole lotta asphalt = . . . .

    . . . . mmmm ---- BARBEQUE

    Hope there's beer

    + Looks like we're gonna get to do a coupla laps of the track, too, so . . . I'm pumped

    Zovig's never been to a track, so . . . . we'll see how this goes

    Taking as many pictures as My Little Marvel --- and an 8G mem stick + battery . . . can handle

    And? --- 'cept for cleaning the windows, dressing the tires, tanking-up? . . . .



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