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Thread: FS: @eBay - '73 'S' . . .

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    FS: @eBay - '73 'S' . . .

    VIN = 9113300500
    Eng# = 6339070
    Trans# ?

    . . . Very nice original early 911S. There is documented detailed work the previous owner had done at Zuffenhausen Motors in Scottsdale including engine, brakes, and other miscellaneous work. The car runs and drives excellent. The Becker Mexico radio does not work along with the speedometer. The full history or mileage on the car is not known. The Odometer reads 63353 miles. The previous owner had information the car came from the Monterey area of California. The under carriage is in great original condition. The paint is great except for some rock chips and minor door dings. It had a careful repaint of the original color at some time. Door jambs, inside of trunk etc. in great condition. Door gaskets and other rubber in great condition. It has some minor oil drips. Chrome and bright trim in excellent condition. Carpet, leather, door pockets and interior all in excellent condition. No rust is evident any where, the original undercoating is in very good condition. It has stainless steel heat exchangers and muffler. This is an excellent original condition early 911S . . .

    More, here --- see post #807 . . .

    (Not mine)
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRanger View Post
    As noted by Eminence Gris in that post (and seen if you look at the above COA) this car is a converted Sportomatic.
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    I would be interested to know everyone's thoughts on how this affects the value?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
    I would be interested to know everyone's thoughts on how this affects the value?
    Here is a very recent real life example on a '73S. Wonderful car, Sporto conversion:

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    Auction ended. Sold for $105,300

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    What are the collective thoughts on this sale???

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    I think the seller did well since it was converted sportmatic.
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    That Numbers Thing

    Quote Originally Posted by two dot View Post
    . . . thoughts on this sale??? . . .
    There seems to be an odd sorta schizophrenia about Sportos . . .

    On the one hand --- as cool as the concept may sound . . . 'semi-automatic' gear changes are not exactly the 'Enthusiasts' Choice' so . . . the audience for these cars --- although passionate . . . tends to be smaller

    On the other hand --- many/most of these cars 've had 5-speeds swapped-in --- decades ago. Which was probably the best/only way to keep these cars running, at one time. Sportos have always posed a bit of a logistical challenge

    But, then again --- so has MFI . . . and un-galvanized bodywork . . . and decades of use/personalization/carelessness/etc

    Oddly enough, I believe that it's that sheer strangeness of the Early 911 that's a big part it's attraction, these days. So much so that Sporto by itself isn't such an issue, any more. And the people who actually own/use these cars seem to enjoy them as much as anyone. And the cars are pretty special, too --- and rare . . . something that a future market may eventually come to realize

    Anyway, The Real Problem --- IMO . . . is That Numbers Thing

    It's not that people don't appreciate the intricacies/novelty/weirdness of the Sportomatic transmission, so much. Most just don't really want to have to put-up w/ it --- and didn't . . . especially decades ago --- before the 'Net and Pelican/The Registry/etc . . . and the current run-up in values. So? --- in-and-of-itself . . . I don't think that Sporto --- or a 5-speed swap . . . is such a Big Deal

    What is a A Very Big Deal is that --- in almost every case where the Sporto got pulled . . . it got tossed . . .

    . . . which means that any converted Sporto falls into the problematic category 'missing original transmission'

    I know of exactly ONE case where the Owner had the presence of mind/opportunity/resources/sheer frickin' luck --- to acquire the original Sporto . . . then package it w/ the car . . .

    . . . and look how that turned-out

    So. Regarding this blue '73 --- all other factors being equal . . . I would ask what price this car might've brought if the Kardex Sporto were sitting next to the vehicle, boxed/palletted . . . working --- or not?

    Or, to put it another way . . .

    The issue w/ this car is not that the Sporto was ever there . . .

    . . . it's that it's NOT there now . . .

    . . . and --- more-than-likely . . . will never be

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    Now, here . . .

    '. . . Originally delivered in Gemini Blue Metallic with Black leather upholstery. Complete window out repaint in 2016. Original interior with factory sport seats in great condition. Fuch alloy rims with new 185/70VR15 XWX Michelin tires. The engine was completely rebuilt by Aase Motors in September of 2015 $19,293 was spent. 915 manual 5-speed transmission that shifts perfectly. Truly a phenomenal 1973 911S to drive!

    Optional equipment includes US equipment, option group G03, factory sport seats- Left & Right, additional cooling coil, raised steering wheel hub, Becker Mexico AM/FM radio, manual antenna with front loudspeaker & noise suppression & engine compartment light. Complete with Certificate of Authenticity, jack, and toolkit. Great opportunity to get the last of the early 911S Coupes in a remarkable color combination
    . . .'

    (Not mine)

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    Guess I would stay away from European Collectables, no mention of the sporto and no picture of the COA.
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