Come and join us for a "Gathering" of air cooled VW's and Porsches. We don't judge, we don't tell you where to park or hand out any trophies but what we do is have a good time meeting other enthusiasts and checking out some of the best VW's and Porsches in the bay area. Parking on the grass under the tree's, no baking hot asphalt at the Nor Cal Treffen! In 2013 we had about 120 cars of all types with some of the rarest of the rare in attendance. We also have some great raffle prizes given out throughout the day and free coffee and bagels in the morning. The park is huge at 8 acres and can accommodate over 300 cars if not more. The other thing that is a big plus is we have never had a waiting line to get in the park, drive right in and start enjoying your day. Swapping is allowed as long as you drive the parts into the show in your show car. Don't be afraid to bring whatever you have regardless of condition this is about getting out and driving your car.

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No pre-registration required
$15.00 per car
Spectators free
Dave Brubeck Park, Concord, CA