Can anyone help?
I am in the process of installing a sway bar on my swb 911.
The trailing arms are off the car. The shell is away for restoration.
I have the correct Porsche installation instructions but I am not sure about the ballpin positions on the trailing arms.
Porsche notes give me distances from the trailing arm flange but do not state the "attitude" of the pin.
What would make it easier in conjunction with the Porsche instructions is to have 2 definite distances between known points.
I have attached a couple of images which will make it easier to see what I am looking for.
The yellow lines are the distances between the centre of the ballpin to the centre of the small hole on the trailing arm flange
and the other yellow line is the distance between the centre of the shock absorber mount and the centre of the welded,(small end).
of the ballpin.

If anyone has a swb trailing arm that he could possibly measure these distances I would be most grateful.
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