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Thread: Introducion of US only parts, most 72/73

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    Introducion of US only parts, most 72/73

    I would like to start a timeline when certain MY US only features first appeared, most MY72/73
    dates and/or VIN are welcome

    emblem for light/flasher (72)
    script on heater controller panel (72)
    script for turn signal/wiper switch (72)
    script on heater lever/hand throttle (72)
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    You can add to the list the "heavy-duty rubber bumper guards" (01/73) + "Extra reinforcements in doors" (01/73) + "Simulated leather steering wheel" (Not US specific and for T only)
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    emblem on dash for flasher went away sometime in '73.

    Gusseted bumper brackets appeared in ' guess is they appeared at the same time (1/73) as the bar reinforcements in the doors...but I am not sure

    This should be a pretty cool thread. I have found quite a few things were different '72 - '73 as Porsche got their arms around the upcoming '74 safety regulations.

    I am sure Mr. Mayo has a laundry list

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    IIRC, Several items were mandated by '73 safety regs. (went into effect for U. S.-destined cars manufactured after 1/1/73-not model year). Hence the mid-year changes.
    Most visible were front crash standards.
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    Date of production

    01.08.71 gauges for E similar to T
    01.08.71 only one light for luggage room
    01.08.71 fog light+ S Bumper->TTG
    01.08.71 starter 1,5 HP, cable 35mm2 (not sporto)
    01.08.71 S-front spoiler made of fibreglas
    01.09.71 S-front spoiler made of steal
    24.09.71 lid lock no longer welded to oil filler pan
    24.09.71 new Sportomatic transmission 925/00,925/01
    06.10.71 lighter axle driveshafts
    02.11.71 seat belt mounting point on door lock post (coupe) lowered 90mm
    02.11.71 seat belt warning sign
    01.02.72 new windshield whiper arms
    26.04.72 new power window motors
    02.05.72 starter 0,8 (not 2,7 RS)
    24.07.72 comfort seats double locker for US
    25.07.72 defrost lever light for US
    25.07.72 2 extra bulbs in heater control panel
    25.07.72 black horn grills, black trim lenses
    25.07.72 new US hazard switch (+ Klemme 58)+ discontinuation hazard emblem on facia
    25.07.72 valve holding sleevs on 5 1/2x15 steel rims
    26.07.72 new pressure cast shift lever
    01.08.72 hardly inflammable seat material
    01.09.72 energy absorbing front and rear bumper
    18.09.72 comfort seats double locker for ROW
    16.10.72 sport seat double locker
    11.12.72 Klaxon instead of Banjo
    02.01.73 CIS 911T
    03.01.73 cover of engine electric board: wings screws instead knurled screws
    10.01.73 ROW compressor instead of bottle
    18.01.73 two stage fog switch with green glas
    24.01.73 stronger light/turnsignal switch
    24.02.73 more precise locker of s seats
    02.03.73 different left and right seat rails
    28.03.73 new oil temp/pressure gauge (brake symbol, OEL-script lowered)
    30.03.73 new Quarz clock
    03.04.73 old chrome antenna instead new black ones
    07.05.73 rear tire pressure 2,0->2,4 bar
    15.05.73 luggage compartment carpet no wood board and shorter sides
    15.06.73 new turn signal lighter switch .30

    For reference
    xx.9.71 9112300231 9112310385
    xx.2.72 9112300818, 9112200529, 9112501075 9112310482, 9112510905,9112210419
    26.4.72 9112301391, 9112200809, 9112102072
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    Great list! I can confirm most of the details on my 10/72 build.
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    You can add deletion of rear seat belts around January 1st 1972.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gearby View Post
    You can add deletion of rear seat belts around January 1st 1972.
    My 1972 911-T that was delivered to the dealer in May 1972 still has it's original rear belts (1969 labels). Of the 2931 built 911-T coupe U.S. cars, my SN is 2154.

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    My late January of 72 build T #1128 never had them installed. My car still has the black plastic plugs in the holes. It sounds like maybe your car had earlier seatbelts put in it which from my understanding was the only way to get rear seat belts in cars built after January 1st 1972. Perhaps others could chime in.

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    Hi Dirk

    Nice list. Is this from factory production records or compiled from observing examples. Think I recognise source of some things in list.

    One point. Not sure about the US market specifically...but pretty sure generally accepted that Bosch Fanfare (aka Banjo) is horn set that preceded the use of the different trumpet shape Stritones (or the very similar Klaxon in some cases) during December 72. This horn switch has been researched elsewhere based on range of period documentation, photos etc.



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