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Thread: Soft or hard rear window targa?

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    Soft or hard rear window targa?

    Which do you prefer for those weekend days?

    The open air feel of the softie or the looks/practicality of the glass rear window?

    Do you think you give up much open air experience with the glass rear window?

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    FULL DISCLOSURE: I only a '67 911S Soft Window Targa

    I LOVE the soft window. Most of our old cars are only driven on dry, nice days so why not have the full effect of top-down motoring? Plus it's just 'cooler' (pun intended)... I frankly didn't even know they existed until I cam across my car. I was pleasantly surprised to learn all about them.

    Yes, they can leak; plastic window etc but, again, if you are getting one as a third (fourth, etc) classic car to just enjoy, then a soft window is the only way to go. Plus it just arguably looks cooler. And you hear more of that wonderful engine scream!


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    Having only driven a softie, which had as you mentioned great air flow, I wonder if the glass rear window version is that much different?

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    Own one of each
    I do.
    Shameless plug.
    I like to hear the rumble of my Abarth on my Softie.
    1962 356 S Cab gone
    1967 911S Coupe
    2008 RS60 Boxster gone
    1973.5 911T targa soft window Gone
    Runge 008 Gone
    2002 996 TT x-50 Gone
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    1969 912 SWT pts green

    Can I be FRANK with you ?

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    Eventually you'll be right.

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    I own two softies and five glass window targas. I much prefer the driving experience of the glass window cars. Maybe the softy would win out on a perfect day of sunshine and moderate temperatures, with minimal traffic, no dusty roads or construction zones, and in an area with low security concerns when I park (think Austin and not New York). But under real world conditions I'd choose a glass window car 99% of the time.

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    having owned both, softie hands down. No comparison to a hard window. Positive for the hard window are the lack of driving wind whacking you in the neck, but as Maverick indicates, you can't get any closer to the engine howl than in a softie. And you can drive with the top on, window zipped down on cooler days and still enjoy open air feeling. AZ weather may play a large role in that.

    air cooled only

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    I was lucky enough to own both:

    Chassis Rigidity: Clear advantage to the glass Targa, no doubt
    Practicality: Less fuss with the glass Targa
    Design: The 911 silhouette is better with the glass Targa
    Versatility: Clear advantage to the soft window, under a strong sun, you can keep the top and unzip the back: cool air under the shade.
    Airflow: More airflow with the soft window, but it evens out if you don't unzip the soft window. At high speeds the glass Targa is more comfortable
    Cool looks: The glass Targa feels more Seventies, while the soft window more Sixties
    Summer ride: the soft window is closest to a convertible, and on small roads in the Summer, it's pure heaven

    I kept the soft window and now own 2: a 68 912 and a 67 911S.... and although it may sound strange the 912 is the one I use the most. Super car.....

    Milou / Registry #884

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    I am sure there are plenty of soft window-to-hard window conversions out there. I have seen one that was a soft-hard-soft conversion. It is nice to see you've got the original Targa bar liner. You'd be really lucky if you could find the chrome handles.

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    I ended up buying a metallic green S targa with glass window. I am going to use it as a secondary car. Love the metallic green btw.

    I may end up getting a 67S softie as well.

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