Really appreciate all of the knowledge and parts that I've bought here on the forum! I'm wrapping the restoration of my 73.5 T with S package and have some new parts that I over-ordered, or old ones that have been taken off the vehicle.

I'm going to have a booth at the Anaheim Swap meet on Sunday the 4th, and wanted to share the preview with the community here.

Tan take off 1973.5 Door panels with no tears or speaker holes - one with cardboard door backing - $100
Tan dash insert vinyl from Tony @ Autobahn International - NEW - $25
Driver and passenger door hinged pockets - need recovering and rivet re-work - $100 each obo
ATE 911.351.950.03 S brake pads - NEW - $30
ATE 13.0441-4806.2 901.351.998.00 S brake rebuild kit QT2 - NEW - $60
901 "dogleg" shift knob with no chips but some small cracks in lens - $75
Original and tired trunk carpet with wood insert - $40
Original and tired delaminated pedal board with OEM metal for your replacement board - $50
Complete metal brake line dual circuit kit 911.355.600.73 for 1972-1973 - NEW - $75
Original fan cardboard cover broken (brackets are good) - $25
Door catch stop 1973.5 (good for 1974 and down) with good springs and arm pin - $160
DuroAno S-Caliper Piston from PMB Performance - 4 new avail - $40 each.
Fuchs wheel 15" X 6J 3/73 that was widened and has Frankenstein bolts - for rebuild or your garden hose - $175

Plus many small items like bumper rubber for the end caps, foglight filler rubber, URO new suspension rubber.

Let me know if you are interested in some of these - priority goes to those at the shows, then I can ship stuff out to the forumers who aren't local!