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Thread: Authentic 1965-1973 911/912 photos needed for book

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    Authentic 1965-1973 911/912 photos needed for book

    Having finished my 356 Authenticity book in December and 914 Authenticity book last Friday, I need to get serious about updating the 911/912 book first published in 1988. I am currently editing the text and have written most of the new chapters on engine and brakes/suspension/gearbox. What I don't have is color images. The previous book was all black & white and the majority of the original photos were, as well. The new book will be all color. The 356 book has over 900 color images and the 914 book has over 500. These photos are also viewable in high res., online, on demand with the unique Gallery feature.

    I am looking for anything from survivor cars to authentically restored cars -- not necessarily show cars -- any model from 1965-1973. I actually really don't need 1972 911Ts, but do need everything else. I have not yet put together a specific list of detail images, because I am not that far along, but will be by October 1. If you have a suitable car and would like to help out, you can reach me at: If you can send a couple of images with year/model information and build date (if you have it) that would be great. I'll be able to get the build dates on earlier cars.

    The other two books can be viewed at along with the original 911/912 book, which is in its final printing with just a few remaining in stock. The Gallery was inspired by feedback stating the small black & white images did not have sufficient detail. Short run digital printing solved the black & white problem, and online access was the only thing I could think of to provide better detail without adding hundreds of pages. I think it is really cool!

    My project '68 911 is not particularly authentic, but I think it is also cool...

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    if i were you...and wanted to truly give good information and not just write another glossy book ... i would insist on only original undisturbed cars because we all see what people say are as original etc....
    best of luck with your book ...

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    Of course, unrestored cars never lie, but they also are often not made available for photos. I make a tremendous effort to verify my information is accurate and choose photos which do not need disclaimers. I receive lots of photos of 911s with wrong headlights and wheels, and while you won't see that part of the car in the finished book, you may see a door panel or mirror.

    I don't think anyone would call any of my previous 356, 911/912 and 914 Authenticity books glossy -- though the new 356 book (950 color photos) and 914 book (530 color photos) are at least colorful. The new 1965-1973 911/912 book will be a significantly improved and more comprehensive offering than the original book produced in 1988.

    Still need cars for photos. I'm at:

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    doing good work takes an effort .... doing great work takes an extraordinary effort... I wish you the best of luck with your book...

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    Brett, I look forward to the new book. Unfortunately my 1966 coupe was already 'restored' when I bought it so I don't have much to offer... but I'll go through what I have!

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    Do you have a guesstimate as to when your new 911 book will be published? Thanks.


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    I am currently restoring my 912 from Nov 1965. This comes back as original as possible.

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    OG 911 Stuff . . .

    . . . some threads w/sources . . .

    Cars . . .

    Options . . .

    Trivia/minutiae . . .

    Kardexes . . .!!!

    Window Stickers . . .

    Even steering wheels . . .

    . . . and tool kits . . .

    Hope this helps . . .

    . . . and that you acknowledge any contributors/contributions

    Wonder why Our Registry hasn't published something . . .

    . . . seems like a Money-maker to me


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    Sorry, for the delay -- this Forum doesn't contact me with responses and I am easily distracted...

    I expect it to be in print May 2021 with 600-800 color images with high res. Gallery images available online like the 356 and 914 Authenticity books. The more response I get here, the better the book will be. The first two chapters are currently out for technical proofing.

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