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Thread: Seat recline diagram / falling back issue

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    Seat recline diagram / falling back issue

    Hello - I'm looking for a (working on a 1968, comfort seat, driver side (left)) diagram or some photos that would explain why, when I adjust the seat back forward so that I am in a nice and comfortable position, does the seat back randomly pop backward a your older brother slinging the handle on the lazy-boy recliner just before you took a bite of food. Its like my car knows I'm having a good time and BAM back she goes 2-3". Not cool.

    I decided to consult the workshop manual - and I almost giggled because it says for me to "renew". How did you guys "renew" this?

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    Anyone have their comfort seats "pop" backward (recline) a notch unexpectedly? How did you fix?

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    Chances are you will need a replacement beveled gear taken from a salvaged bracket. This is commonly done by the better known upholstery specialists who a) have solved this problem many times, and b) have access to the spare part(s). I just had this done by Autobahn in San Diego. K&H also does this in Garden Grove, CA. It is straightforward but costly because of the preciousness (scarcity) of useable spares.

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    Thank you Jim. If I get some time this weekend, I'll remove the cover to see if I can locate/understand the mechanism and what is worn. I'll post some pictures when I get around to it.

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    Here's a photo -- you'll most likely find that teeth on the gear operated by lever are worn/stripped.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmaddox View Post
    Anyone have their comfort seats "pop" backward (recline) a notch unexpectedly? How did you fix?
    Yes, my driver's seat does that. But, I have yet to fix it.

    Thanks for this post.
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    Fixing the seat back releasing at the most inconvenient time

    When autocrossing the drivers seat would release, drat. Passenger seat released .... client and friends were not amused.

    Fix one (early seats came without pins), insert a pin to help hold the lever from pushing back - left in the photo below - the lever is drilled and a pin added like the later factory item. It holds tension on the gear mating surfaces. This was the passenger seat

    Fix two - find the right comfortable seat back position, paint a reference line between the two parts (so as to realign after they move during disassembly), remove the lever latch from the seat - drill a hole between the two halves (mind the drilled depth), tap and insert screw - it holds the two pieces from moving from the desired notch, (see that round screw head just to the lower right of the big fat yellow arrow).

    Hope this helps.
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    Excellent, Bob! I should be able to get at the car this weekend and have a look. Very clever fixes in both scenarios. I will update here when I have a solution in place. Thank you!!

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    Ron at Precision Matters makes a seat popper stopper for the early seats without the pin

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecostellodo View Post
    Ron at Precision Matters makes a seat popper stopper for the early seats without the pin
    A 68 seat hinge already has the pin and Ron's "popper stopper" is of no use. The only seat hinges that don't have the pin are late 65 356Cs. By the way, 68 is the only year with a seat back lock on the driver's side and a 3 screw upper hinge (SWB) for the seat back attachment.



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