Offered here is a set of Porsche 911 2.0L or 2.2L Race Headers.
Best I can measure the Pipe IDs:
- Exhaust Port Tubes = 1.3"
- Stinger / Muffler connector Pipe = 1.75"
These have been High Temp Coated with what looks to be a ceramic Coating (Jet Hot Coatings). These coatings are expensive (around $500 for a set of headers...). They serve to reduce the temps under the Cylinder Heads and improve the overall life of the Headers...

The Pipes are NOT dented or Cracked and should serve as a good set for a reasonable value. I did NOT spend time cleaning / polishing these. They are NOT Rusty and the dark areas at the collector pipes is simply debris...

My Price delivered to you in the cont Us = $650