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Thread: Help identifying Porsche Travel Kit

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    Help identifying Porsche Travel Kit

    Would anyone know what model this Travel kit was for from the loose items. The contents of the box would tell all but as it’s still sealed I really don’t want to open it. Thanks in advance for any help. Apologies but I posted this twice somehow!Name:  IMG_1194.jpg
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    It looks like a late 356C bag with early 911 contents. All legit. The next generation of early 911 bags were blue with the same contents.
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    Is it an early bag or a late one? - here is a pic of a 1971 kit that uses the same bag? I thought the nice soft lining was ditched in the late 1960s? The chrome buckle but black rivet holding the strap matches this example. I think the early 356 grey bags were all chrome or all black?. I also found a thread that suggests that this might be an early bag - so you can see why I am confused. Hopefully somewhere here is a bag expert!  1971 911 kit.jpg
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    Since it has a spare membrane for a duel fuel pump; itís pre Weber.

    I canít tell whether itís original kit.

    searching for engine (case) 903742

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    Thanks for helping. Would any closer pictures of anything help. Its missing the two valve adjuster screws (the two nuts are present).

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    This goes under whatever they had laying around. I had a 356 4cam travel kit for a Carrera2 grey like your top photo. This was many years ago. Also once at the Pomona swap meet also years ago, Victor Miles had a stack of nos travel kits in blue pre weber.
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    The 68 owner's manual lists Bosch W250P21.

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    You're a 912 guy. Don't mix oranges with apples. 912 kit close to 356 kit but not 911 kit. Guy on 356 site was making a repro kit for the late model 356 which could be converted to 912 by swapping out some parts. This is a 912 kit below. Note it included bulb box that 911 does not. See the first few pages of PET which lists what was in each kit. Haul can probably elucidate. He has a foot in each camp (911 and 912) and is the crossover goto.

    Name:  1967 Accessories Brochure 4.jpg
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    Also see sticky on tools on this site which has some travel bag info. Also 356 site has extensive comparison of bags for 356. Bulb box sold separately for 911 but included in 912 bag. Correct box illustrated here and comes in gray or clear/blue as shown here. Also have an exact duplicate Kerman Ghia in red. Got an H1 box in clear and yellow. Wish I could find where I hid this stuff.

    As an aside Martin you never divulge if you are still selling the clear shift patter stickers!!!
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    That picture from I think from all the optional order catalogs is not a 912 kit. A good example of Porsche showing things in catalogs that were not right. Check out the two long spark plug connectors - the 912 kit had just one and it was shorter. Also the picture shows two valve adjuster screws and two nuts, the Porsche 912 kit had just one adjuster and no nuts. The picture shows three spark plugs and two valve springs. The 912 kit has four plugs and one spring. The two circular gaskets are also 911 oil gaskets - not part of the 912 kit. Sometime Porsche gets things wrong.

    I believe the bulb kit was an option on both kits? See picture attached. And apologies about the gear shift stickers - been crazy busy. Drop me your address and Ill send one FOC.

    912 Travel kit Quantity

    Carrying case - 616.721.902.00 1

    Plastic bag with fuses - 644.721.013.00 1

    Fuel pump diaphragm - 616.108.904.09 1

    Points - 616.602.226.00 1 set

    Spark plug - 999.170.027.90 4

    Exhaust valves - 616.105.406.01 2

    Valve spring - 616.105.432.02 1

    Valve keepers - 616.105.411.00 2

    Valve adjusting screw - 369.05.243 1

    Oil drain plug - 539.01.133 1

    Spark plug connector (suppressor cap) –
    616.609.303.00 1

    V-belt - 999.192.006.50 1

    Carb top gasket - 616.100.968.00 2

    Oil filter gasket - 546.07.829 1

    Oil strainer gasket - 539.01.152 2

    Engine gasket set - 616.100.184.00 1

    Clutch cable - 901.423.401.01 1

    Decal for ignition timing - 902.006.565.00 1

    Shop towel - "Porsche" linen 1

    Optional as an extra order was a bulb box, which could be fitted inside the kit.

    Travelling kit for type 911

    901.721.901.02 Travelling kit for type 911, with contents, consisting of:

    616.721.902.00 Bag - 1

    644.721.013.00 Plastic bag with fuses - 1

    901 .108.964.00 Diaphragm for fuel pump - 1

    901.602.960.03 Contact breaker (set) - 1

    999.170.010.90 Spark plug BOSCH W 250 P 21 3

    901.105.901.00 Outer and inner valve spring. for one valve - 1

    901.105.417.00 Valve keeper - 2

    901.104.193.00 Valve seal - 1

    901.105.370.02 Valve adjusting screw - 2

    999.034.005.00 Nut for adjusting screw - 2

    901.107.176.00 Oil-drain screw - 1

    900.123.011.30 Gasket ring for oil-drain screw 22x27 DIN 7603-Al 1

    901.101.391.00 Gasket for oil - 2

    901.609.301.12 Spark plug connector - 2

    999.659.016.50 Rubber cap for spark plug connector - 2

    901.108.945.00 Set of gaskets for carburetor - 1

    901.423.401.01 Clutch cable - 1

    901.104.191.00 Gasket for cylinder base - 3

    901.104.391.00 Gasket for cylinder head - 3

    901.105.193.02 Gasket for crank- case and chain housing - 1

    901.105.192.02 Gasket for chain housing right - 1

    901.105.191.02 Gasket for chain housing left - 1

    901.105.194.03 Gasket for upper cover - 2

    901.105.195.03 Gasket for lower cover – 2

    901.105.197.00 Gasket - 11

    999.701.124.40 O-Ring - O-ring - 1

    901.105.592.01 Slide sealing ring - 1

    Name:  liste.jpg
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    none of which probably helps. Picture i supplied is from '67 catalogue if that makes any difference. Also change of heart based on your info and bulb box not supplied even though pocket in kit supplied for it. apologies.
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