Hi everyone,

It's been over a year now since I discovered about JCK's pbase, and I just found something intriguing.

I know this topic has been covered many years ago, but I don't like waking up this post. --> https://www.early911sregistry.org/fo...orio&styleid=8

In this part, we are talking about a 911 from 72, on sale in Monaco in 2014, and being named as "ex-Jabouille". It happens that a vintage photo is associated with it, but, looking at the page of the 911 ex-Bardini chassis 119 22 0081 on JCK's pbase, I come across the same picture...

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and JCK's part about 119 22 0081 : https://pbase.com/archive_racing_por...mage/170472417

So, are the 2 photos related ? Or did JCK fill in the wrong photo on the ex-Bardini ? (Which I don't really think but...?)