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Thread: FS: 1967 911S with a rare 180PS power increase. Found after 50 years MIA.

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    FS: 1967 911S with a rare 180PS power increase. Found after 50 years MIA.

    Found after 50 years MIA. a 1967 911S. with a rare 180PS power increase, Porsche factory competition specs

    Ordered in late 1966, to become a dedicated group 3 race car by Swedish racing profile Ingemar Burström from Umeå in Northern Sweden. Ingemar was known for his many races in “IS SM” (Swedish ice racing championships), he campaigned the 911 in 1967/1968 at various national racing events and the 1967 Nolavaro Hillclimb.

    This 1967 911s was possible one of the very first Porsche factory build competition 911, with factory power increase from the usual 160PS to 180PS said with Carrera factory engine work, hence the nick name “Carrera 911s “ or 911S GT . Additionally, it was sold w/ factory recaro seats & limited slip diff. This is a dinosaur offered by Porsche prior of the iconic 911R and was possibly the very first time Porsche offered a customer competition 911 build from factory. !!
    Finding an unrestored, genuine factory-built 911s competition car in 2023 is an unusual occurrence and likely a chance not to be repeated. In fact, finding any early 911 with racing history in period, has become a real challenge.
    Burströms car was wanted & searched by enthusiast for more than 50 years without luck. With this full presentation it’s the first time since the late 60’s, the car has surfaced.

    Ingemar Buström was racing this 1967 911s in the golden years 1967 & 1968 when the Porsche 911 models had a breakthrough in Swedish national group 3 SM BAN track racing, Burström was racing this 911S in the 1967 SM season, together with famous profiles like, Kent Frohde, Anders Josephson & Picko Troberg. and Zylwe Rahm
    its one of believed at 5 special ordered 911s GT / Competition spec racecars for the 1967 Swedish championship series with the rare engine performance upgrades. attached a newspaper article from December 1966, where Burströms upcoming delivery, Burströms 911 is specifically highlighted with a higher performance output of 180PS corresponding to Kardex, the photo is taken late 1966 outside the Scania Vabis headquarters in Södertälje Sweden. Ingemar Burströms Porsche was delivered few weeks later of this article.
    the 5 cars where factory prepared for competition Specs from factory with engine trimming and voided guarantee as pr. Kardex, meaning no guarantee as the car as build and ordered for sports purpose use.

    Hand writing “Achtung motor frisiert auf 180ps, keine guarantie” meaning power increase with 20PS to 180PS and voided guarantee” these modifications was carried out from factory under guidenence of Herr, Gerhard Mitter factory driver and owner of Mitter Tunning and this particular modification ,which is believed having been seen on only these 5 cars kardex files, meant that these few cars was unofficially referred to as the 911s with “Carrera” Techniq engines. Besides that, recaro seats and limited slip diff, the perfect combination for a competition car. Do also note the car was ordered by the racing driver Ingemar Burström being the first owner “Wagenbesitzer 1” on the kardex

    first registration was December 21’st 1966, the same date as the delivery date according to Kardex. Note licensplate AC39692 which matches period photos.

    attached a pictured from 1967 of the engine. These 180PS factory trimmed “Mitter” Porsche engines would possibly have used carrera 6 factory technics, most likely porting & polished cylinder heads, widened inlet ports, increased compression with smaller base shims, makes piston to valve clearance less, adjusted cam timing to gain more low end or top end power, exhaust pipes or dual outlet mufflers, and 906 clutch.
    The photo is from 1967 and shows the dual racing exhaust pipes, which were both with the car when found, Note the license plate.

    attahed news paper artical
    Burström was noticed by the media in the 1967 group 3 season, for his Porsches results.

    attached Burström came 1’st at the Nalovardo Hillclimb in 1967, note the Dunlop racing tires and widened GT rims
    from what I belive is from the 906 6” * 15 not present by the car now

    attached Headline reads “Better and Better”, the article below highlights the Carrera parts as a game changer.
    our good freind Eric Linden that I visit not long ago , who to your surprise speaks a bit swedish I would say perfect consider he is born in US , he have read the artical on the Carrera "grejor" means carrera parts upgrade

    The body of the car is in a very good shape despite a turbo body kit, some ,minor rust, but mostly solid compared to usual rust of these year models. What’s exceptional about this car, is that it seems like they just fitted a body kit to the outside of the car in 70’s, changed the rims and replacing the Recaro seats, meaning that doors etc has original red paint, gauges (all date matched original 911s gauges) relays, etc., are all original. Interior dash and rear seats are original, even the shocks to uplift the front hood are the original dated 9/66. All the important details are intact which couldn’t be expected on car this old. and it can be very easy fixed back keeping alot of the original metal

    I have had a lifelong passion for Porsche cars and parts with historic provenance and importance ,and I have restored Many 911 for the last 20 years, also org ST´s , Rally / Sport kit cars , 356 carrera´s I have learned that owning and restoring an unusual historical Porsche can never be compared to any other Porsche ownership. Owning such a car like this means immediate respect and recognition by collectors and enthusiast around the world, with a car like this you will get acceptance to some of the world’s most prestigious car events like the on going Montereey Motorsports Reunion or upcomming Rennsport reunion , and rallies, something you can forget about with a normal 911 without race history in period. Owning a car like this, is like owning a piece of art, or a rare painting, there are only so many cars build which “tick all the boxes”. This car came to my attention when I had a chance to view the Kardex The build specs were an immediate giveaway, that this car was very special.

    The engine number is the same as the engine number in the Kardex, but a cross check with the part number on the engine casing indicates it’s one out of roughly 2000 aluminum replacement cases BUT according to our research and updates from old folks in the game . We have good indications that these engines where made / tuned by Gerhard Mitter and they all came on repalcement cases , what we dont know , did he do them in his shop for Porsche or how did they end up in these cars !! This is however very well understood and accepted among Porsche collectors as the history and provenance all goes with the body, hence the importance of documenting body numbers and numbers in the body in general.
    Transmission identified and has likely been changed. Transmissions suffered overheating and grinding due to the rough conditions when racing, so this would be expected as well. I have no knowledge of the internal components of the engine and transmission and will leave that up to the next caretaker to find out.
    attached photos of the engine, which still has its original BENDIX fuel pump and rare WEBER 40IDS carburetors specific only to the 1967and 1968 911S models only. A pair of original IDS carburetors are rare

    attahced pics of the car as is now today

    Ok so here is the importen thing

    I posted a bit on this car 6 motnhs ago as I wanted more info on the model etc , well it ended up in a bounce off nonsense, if NO PRICE it will be ereased
    ( I see some cars listed with no price for a long time , guess rules are not the same for everybody :-) anyway I deleted the "add" discussion to get the info my self
    and another thing discussed that 160 PS is the same as 180 PS , BHP , HK DIN , please spare me this

    and most emails I got , Please send me the VIN ,
    Well guys, I will do this, only ...if I can see you are serious and known member to the early 911 community , why this route , I have experience of a scam you want belive that could find place , so DONT SEND PICS OF KARDEX; VIN PLATES etc to anybody


    here is all you get , but offcause I got much more info on the car
    the car is in Denmark , You are wellcome to visit anytime for inspection , shipping is no problem
    I will be at Rennsport Reunion if you want to meet and have the full story

    so priced at 450.000 EURO as is ,or a very very serious offer , no 300.000€ will not get you the car had loads of those
    I know MANY people , Dealers in the business, they all approve that its special ,and rare as it can be ,the only downside is, its so rare that no one really heard of it
    so why its not sold to my friends
    they ALL say Marek , restore it , and give it to us in Commision , and we sell it right away for XXX.XXX
    so I know it can fetch big money , thing is I dont have the money to restore it , as I investede all my cash to loads of CNC stuff machinary ,to produce more parts for you guys

    BUT if you want to buy it , I can help you restore it, with in a year - 12 months and it will be in the cost of 150.000 EURO ish complete ( fixed price no surprise )

    so here is a little bonus info

    as said 5 cars delivered with a factory kardex like this , all delivered in 3 days from 19-22 dec 66 in Sweden
    that was porsche´s 2nd most importen export country , USA, offcause Germany then Sweden
    and lots of serious racing going on in sweden at the golden times

    but 4 are still alive , 1 RIP - I have full kardex of the 4 cars and period pics

    2 are in sweden NOT COMPLETE and One is a bit hmm

    then its mine the ONLY one thats COMPLETE and offcause no doubts to the vin and competed in all of the races in 67 loads of history

    and the 4th surprise just arrvied to USA from Sweden, But basic just the body on wheels , just had 1 race , but its in good hands now , spoke to the guy, who we all know, that is restoring it for his client right now
    guys emagine those to race together at Leguna Seca once

    and this is way before rally kit , sport kits where offered , build nov 66 so have that in mind , before you ask of 100L tanks ,rollcage etc

    these cars have great historical significance as this to my knowledge is a how “it all started” model. Some might claim it’s the dinosaur of the 911 racing pedigree being very important to Porsche 911 race car history.
    I would believe this is most likely one of the very last remaining unfound / unknown car of its kind.

    Finding an unknown 67s competition 911 is not something likely to happen again, this car should gain massive crowd interest when restored and presented at events regardless of where in the world Owning this car also gains you access into the world’s most prestigious car events, where only cars with period race history will be accepted. Meaning this car is an admission ticket to the events, as Tour Auto Optic 2000, le mans classics etc. Monterey historics, ,Rennsport reunion Events only accessible for some of the most prestigious cars of the world.

    if any quesstion drop me a mail

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    the barn it was found in , and how it looks today

    offcause I got got more pics of it in detail

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    the engine as was with some kind of high butterfly´s and as is today
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