Hi Guys,
We are currently in the process of switching over to another bulletin board service. This should be complete in the next few days. Be aware of the following:

- The archived messages on EzBoard should be ported over to the new BB.
- Since the data migration took place last night, any messages posted from now on will not be brought forward to the new board.
- Since translation code is not perfect from EzBoard to XX, existing registered EzBoard members will have to re-register. Hopefully, this shouldn't be a big deal.
- This EzBoard forum will still be accessible via the URL heading above.
- Warning. If you return to this BB in the next couple of months, pop-up ads will appear as we will not be renewing this optional suppression feature.
- Once the new BB is in place, go to our home page for the updated link.

I look forward to this improvement in club communications. I wish everyone well.

for Early 911S Registry