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Thread: OEM tyre sizes

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    OEM tyre sizes


    Correct me if I'm wrong, on 6J front and 7J rear Fuchs pattern, the OEM tyre sizes were 185/70VR15 and 215/60VR15, but I don't see a tyre company that makes both sizes of the same brand. Michelin still supplies XWX at 185/70's but unfortunately no 60 series for the 215's. Pirelli P6000 is pretty close, has 215/60's but no 185/70's - instead has 195/65's, close but not perfect. What make was OEM for 73RS? Is that still available?

    Were OEM tyres tubeless or with tubes?

    Thanks in advance.
    (p.s. I'm not interested in replica tyres)

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    I had an absolute nightmare finding a tyre for my 6X15'' fuchs. Wanted to keep them original, but couldn't find anything suitable. Ended up with a 'replica' has the spare. With the original Dunlop D4 VR's on the road (these I want to replace as I think the rubber is perishing)

    I couldn't find any XWX's in the UK, Vintage tyre stockists listed them, but didn't have any (also at £200 a pop, if I'd have found some, I'd have to think long and hard).

    I actually wrote a letter to the mag 911 and porsche world. They've published in Sept issue and I've had a couple of people tell me where I can find some more Dunlops in the 185/70/15 size (don't know about your 7's) . . . . if these are 'new' and have been kept properly, I'd replace all the tyres . If they're crap, I'll have to go 'replica' (but the right size - Vredestien Sprint Classics - HR rating though - 130mph).

    My 'deep dish' 6's all have tubes.

    Good luck - I think you're going to need it.

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    Roland Kunz

    OEM tyre sizes


    Michelin Europe has some stocks 215/60/15 sold via Oldtimer tire services in Europe.

    They are expensive.

    Most have a set orignial brand tires ( and sometimes date stamped from the 70´s ) for display and drive modern tires on a set other rims.


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    Do you have email/web address of Oldtimer? Which part of Europe are they from? (I´m from the UK).

    Do they have XWX at 215/60/15?


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    Roland Kunz



    The Oldtimertire leaders in middle europe are online: ( munic germany ) ( austria )

    Not sure about the aviabilitys.

    Pirreli is said to reintroduce the CN36 again.

    If you are in the UK you will find specialised tire dealers in classic car magazines. Finding tires is mostly calling around for NOS. A other sidenote is if you called many dealers they will ask at the tiremanufactorer and those then think about larger demand and reissueing.

    ( this worked on Fulda so how about we all ask for Yokohamahs 008 )

    Like mentionend before, most use original sets or NOS just for display as those tires are mostly to hard to be used safe ( They don´t grip anymore ).

    OEM on Carrera where Pirelli ( CN 36 later SP ), Dunlop ( Sport later D 4 ) and Michelin´s X series

    For driving they use 16" or 15" Fuchs. One has period BBS mag race rims and uses Avons intermediate on the street. The rims had been banned from street use and the tires aren´t allowed on german cars either but the RS is registred in belguim and they look correct and have a nice repsonsive feel.

    The problem with modern tyres is that the 195/65 and also the 215/60 are commonly used on upper middleclass cars or big Limousines and therefore are heavy and not very responsive under the load from the light Porsche frontaxle.

    Most from our costumers use the 195/65/15 and 215/60/15 combination from the 3,2 on their RS or Replicas.

    Prefered typs are the RE 71 NO, Pirelli P6000 NO and the Michelin XVM3 ?

    One has Kumo´s and a other Hangkooks ( sp?, Both are Michelins ? ).

    Right now the RE 71 are short on stock just look at that thread for altenatives:

    A other tire source in germany

    Tom Young made a smalll tire comparsion for classic Ferraris / Alternatives for the original 215/70/ MXW )

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    I am currently running Pirelli P6000 195-65 on my sixs and the 215-60's on my sevens. the performance is pretty marginal, and the look of the tire is all wrong. since i have lost hope that someones going to have a stash of CN36's laying around in the right sizes, i'm considering replacing the fronts with the Michellin XWX's and rears with a modern Michelin Pilot XGT H4 in the original sizes.

    I run the XWX's 185-70's on my 356's and they work great and look right with the rounded sidewall. they come both tube type and tubeless (i recommend the tubeless as it seems to save a few pounds)


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    OEM tyre sizes

    Interesting. You mentioned pounds, does that mean you're from the UK?
    I'm surprised you've said XWX's come both tube-type and tubeless, because I've enquired with Coker Tire and they don't XWX's anymore. So, where from?

    What was the original size on sevens? 215/60/15? Did original Carrera RS have that size at rear and 185/70's at front?

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    No more XWX's at Coker? That's new's to me........ I'll inquire else where for you.
    CN36, 215/60/15 . That's the size for the 7's. Just picked up another Set for the RS. Really hard to find. I also have a set of cn36 235/60/15, original to the 3.0RS from 1974 if there are any owners out there interested .


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    Re: tire's

    regarding XWX and saving a few pounds on tube vs tubeless, i meant saving weight, vs money. the same tires mounted on the same rims, the tube type versions of the XWX's that i have weigh at least a pound or two more than the tubeless versions that i have.

    and robert, where do we find a set of cn36's in the 215 size? i once had a chance to buy a set of 4 cn36 in the 185 size, but passed as i couldn't find the set of 215's. the supplier told me that the 185's were directly from pirelli and that they made them once in a while when they had enough demand, but wanted over $300 a tire... but didn't know if/when pirelli would make the 215's.

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    XWX weight

    Interesting you said tubeless tyres are lighter than tube type, because earlier Robert (glaverbel911) said the original tube-type is identical to the Michelin repros tubeless, right down to the ply count, the only difference is the DOT # and there marked "tubeless".


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