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Thread: Through the grill fog lights

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    Rick Cabell

    Through the grill fog lights

    I am going to install the horn grill lights on my 71S. Does anyone have a car that came equipped with this option from the factory? My question is, are these lights turned on by the same switch that activates the lights in the front bumper(valance)? Pull it out and you have bumper lights,or rotate it and have through the horn grill lights. How are these activated? Or is there a seperate switch? none of the owners manuels address these rare lights.

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    My '72S has the factory thru the grills fogs. On my dash is a push-pull switch, located between the cigarette lighter and the rear defroster switches, above the radio. The fog light switch has a green plastic insert with a "lights" symbol in white. This lights up when the fog lites are on. Fog lights are on only when the headlights are on low beam. Switch to high beam, the fog lites go off, regardless of the dash switch position. Hope this is what you wanted to know...

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    Horn grille lights

    The horn grille driving lights on my 69 (original), are wired into the high beams. This theoretically leaves me with an open spot on the dash for the Hella 139's below bumper if I was to install them, but my car wasn't optioned that way.

    Do you have that rotating switch? I acquired an NOS switch for the fog/driving lights that did have that feature..but I wasn't aware that the rotation was for the feature you described. I haven't used this particular need yet.


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    Rick Cabell

    Re: Horn grille lights

    Sounds like between 69 and 72 the boys at porsche made changes.(one car has them on low beam,another on high). My switch has a hard plastic knob Like the early cars,so I would not want to use it on the 71 which has the soft rubber knobs. Is the OE switch for these lights stilll available? I have yet to see a owners manuel that illistrates the operation of the though grill lights. I wonder if any cars were equipped with grill lights,and the "in the valance" fogs?

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    Re: Horn grille lights

    I've seen photos of cars with both...rally cars, also cars set for endurance racing. My own other words a reasoned guess? For the rally cars at least, I suspect the lights in the lower bumper holes were fog lites, then driving lites used in the through the grille mounting. Also, read somewhere, can't remember where, that both fog and driving lites were used in the thru the grilles mounts. Driving lights for the european market, I think. So, a dash switch makes sense...wired to high beams if they were driving lights, to low beam if fogs. But the wiring set up if a car ran both valance & thru the grilles lites? I don't have a clue...a push pull switch for each or the rotary switch I never knew existed...both make sense. In '72 The S models all got the air dam front bumper...the first year for it. Mine has no provision for lower valance lights...the "plugs" used in earlier model lower valances simply aren't there. Since mine is the original steel "spoiler", I assume they all were made without lite "plugs"?

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    Re: Horn grille lights

    As to "is the OE switch still available"? I've seen push-pull switches advertised..Tweeks, Stoddard, Performance Products, one of those. And...the rubber outer cushion & the plastic inserts also available seperately. So, buy the push-pull for the rear defroster, exchange it's red plastic symbol insert for the green plastic symbol insert used for fog or driving lites, you should be home free. Actually, tho I've never personally tried it...I wonder if once one removed the soft rubber surround from the later switches, would one maybe find the hard pastic switch knob underneath? Hmmmmm... Also, don't forget 914 parts sources in your search. Remember the in the bumper round fog lites some 914's had? Gosh a-mighty...they use the exact same lens as used in my thru the grilles fogs. That, I know to be true.

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    Re: Horn grille lights

    (just trying to get my posting numbers up there) Actually, forgot to mention...assuming the fog lites in that model 914 and the fog lites in my '72S both use the same lens, and they do...wouldn't it be semi-safe to assume the 914 and the 911 models both used the same dash switch with the same symbol in the switch? No personal research to back this up...just offering a path into the "rectum yard" world for you. A switch off a wrecked 914 would cost a lot less than a switch from a wrecked 911...and less than a new one, for sure...

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    I believe that when the for light switch is pulled out and rotated it turns on the front fog lights and the rear fog light if you have one. I have the switch on my 72S and I played with the idea of putting the rear fog light on it, but decided against it.

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    testing 1,2, 3

    This is just a test

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    back to grille lites

    When you say, light switch pulled out & mean the push-pull fog lite switch or the main headlight switch?
    Have to admit, 26 years with the same car? Never tried rotating the fog lite switch. Never did see the need. "testing"? S registry...your post came thru on both boards...for whatever that's worth.

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