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Thread: Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wheel

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    Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wheel

    I've looked around locally in Seattle, but have been unable to find the correct valve stems that will seal properly in the unique slanted hole of the early deep 6x15 Fuchs and the 911R 7x15 Fuchs. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks in advance.

    Randy Wells

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    Re: Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wh

    Randy, the fix may be hard to find, but tubes work on these wheels, even if inside tubeless tires. The wheels were designed for tubes, thus the trouble with finding a valve stem that will work. Now I'm admitting my stone age experience, but there was a time that WOW required tubes in all cars running their autocrosses, even if the tires were tubeless. The theory being that a tire would still hold air, even if separated from the rim if hitting a curb, etc...of course, the "spec" tire for Porsches back then was the XWX...but I ran tubes in tubeless tires for quite some time with no problems. Somebody out there should still sell tubes designed for use with radial tires...maybe coker tire?

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    Re: Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wh

    I'm glad this came up because I'm about to buy a set of tires from Coker. So, here's a somwhat uninformed question: Given the choice of tube-type or tubeless, which is preferable for normal (non track) use? Other than being able to repair a flat without dismounting the tire (plug) are there pther advantages to running tubeless?

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    Re: Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wh

    Well, for one thing, tubeless tires run cooler, without the two layers for heat to pass through. On the other hand, if your wheels were designed for tubes? As Randy pointed out, you'll play hell getting the valve stems to work if you wish to go tubeless. I'm assuming you ordered (replica) XWX's from Coker? If so, the originals were tubeless tires. But if you're trying to mount these tires on wheels designed to use tubes? Use tubes....the life you save might be your own.

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    Re: Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wh

    So, for deep dish 6x15 and early (three prong center caps) 7x15, using tubeless XWXs with tubes would be a solution to Randy's (and possibly my) problem? (Coker carries a 195/70VR15 XWX tube-type, but I think there's too much tire there).

    Randy, was it your post on another board that described the modifications necessary to use 7x15 R wheels on the rear of a 72S? Is there a spacer or other solution that would make those modifications unnecessary?

    Thanks, Paul and Randy.


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    Re: Need help finding valve stem that fits early deep six wh

    Jack, mine are the mid 70's 7's, the ring hubcap, so I run tubeless...I'm really not sure about the early R wheels or the earlier 7's. My '72 6" wheels were the later 6's, not the deep 6's...and even though my original spare tire (michelin XWX) is on the original wheel, not a deep six but with a 3 prong hubcap, and has a tube in it, I really dunno if tubeless would work or not.. Perhaps somebody else could weigh in on this?

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    The valves that fit these early rims exist. I have 1 left in a drawer. they would fit rims from some agricultural machine. they are a larger diameter at the base, but otherwise look like std valves.
    I wish I could help more but the shop I got them from has gone belly up.
    Try looking for more industrial applications,they do exist.
    Tf couse it doesn't prevent the bead-less running problem.

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    Rick Cabell

    Re: valves

    I may be considered a bonehead,but I have been running tubeless tires on my R wheels off and on for 5 years. Forgot what I used for a valve stem.
    I would suggest contacting Harvey Weidman about the problem. He has as much experiance as anyone on early wheels and whats safe. His # is 530-534-7903

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    Roland Kunz



    Early Fuchs rims are not designed to be used without tubes, Porsche does not allow them to be used without them. The tire sits very good but under hard cornering or if your car spinns off the tire can losse the pressure in a sudden.

    If you use tubes then only the right size from the right companys ( Dunlop, Pirelli, Metzler, Conti ). X-brand tubes had some trouble reports, yet maybe the monting from the tube/tire was the bigger problem.

    You can weld on the safety humps and rework the valve seat area to accept normal long rubber steems like also used from mercedes benz.


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    Valve stems or tubes?

    Thanks everyone for your help. George, I have had a shop use those big agricultural truck valve stems without tubes in my deep six and R wheels before, but they forgot where they got them. Never had a problem after numerous autocrosses with just those, but Roland has a point. I will call Harvey as Rick suggested and if necessary use the appropriate tubes. This has always been a question in my mind - thanks to all for addressing it.

    On another subject ... Yes, I posted about using R wheels on a '72. Unfortunately you cannot use just spacers without longer studs, etc. With 225 width tires you need to upgrade the suspension, with 215s probably, with 205s on this rim, probably not.

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