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Thread: ill fitting engine lid, I need to correct this......

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    ill fitting engine lid, I need to correct this......

    Hello all, I'm going to paint my '69 [the same colour] and I'm checking all of the front hood, doors and engine lid gaps and fit.

    If I set the engine lid to factory gap specs 3-4mm at the top and along the sides [rear fenders] I end up with an over hang at the corners of the rear fenders. About 4mm.

    If I line up the bottom of the lid with the end of the rear fenders I will rub the body at top, below the rear window.

    The Porsche factory book specifys that the lid is to meet the corners of the rear fenders.

    What do I do?
    Remove metal from the body below the rear window?
    Remove a few mm from the top of the deck lid?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
    Regards, Mark

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    Chuck Miller

    > ill fitting engine lid, I need to correct this......

    Yah got an interesting question, and one that had me goin some years ago.

    Iím going to make some assumptions, so forgive me if Iím wrong.
    Iím assuming that itís the engine lid that came off your car (although all early lids are dimensionally identical) and it wasnít damaged, and once fit appropriately.
    Next, Iím assuming you havenít tried fitting a lid before.
    Iím also assuming that youíve found that the relative height of the lid in its space isnít perfect either.
    The lid is a rectangle that has to fit in a rectangular space all while maintaining a relative curve. The lid has four threaded holes and the lid hinges have four slots (2 and 2 a side)
    So far it sounds like you have been dealing with the for-and-aft relation of the lid in the space; however there is one more variable. The spacing of the lid relative to the hinges. This is accomplished by the use of washers under the lid. The interesting thing is because of the consistent curve of both lid and space, the addition of washers at close to the beginning of the curve makes a BIG difference in the fitÖ in ALL dimentions.
    So Mark, I would suggest getting enough flat washers to stack at least 3 per hole and start to experiment with different numbers of them Ö you can usually end up right on the money for-and-aft, up and down, and all around.

    Hope this helps Mark,
    And again forgive me if all my assumptions are all wrongÖ


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    Re: > ill fitting engine lid, I need to correct this...

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