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Thread: A-arm bushings

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    A-arm bushings

    In the restoration process of my '73 S, I'm renewing all rubbers and rubber bushings as well. THis means also the front A-arm bushings.
    Rick and I had a discussion regarding the availability. It seems that the "owiginal" rear bushing of the front A-arm is not available anymore. Automotion/Performance Parts is offering the poly-graphite bushings (Teflon?) that, from what I heard from users, tend to squeek (especially when cold weather) and are a harsh ride for street use. I recall I saw also a different "rubber-mixture" bushing for sale at Automotion; It wasn't the Neatrix spring plate bushing. Does anybody have experience with "non-original" bushings for street use, and maybe could recommend these as replacement for the original rubbers?


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    Paragon Products
    Tom, Weltmeister makes their poly bushings in both street (a bit harder than stock) and race (rock hard). There were rumblings that there would be a Neatrix bushing application for the front A Arms but to my knowledge they have never come to fruition. You may want to get some feedback from folks using the street Weltmeister bushings as that's probably going to be your best bet.

    Jason Burkett
    Paragon Products

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    A-arm bushings

    Hi Jason,
    thanks for the reply (have been off the EZ-board for some time, hence the late reply).

    The Neatrix seems to be only for the spring-plate bushings available. I asked around for the "street-version", but haven't come up with someone being able to tell the difference between stock (so then very old and worn) and the "street-style" bushings. IN this case I'm only looking for a replacement of the (not original available) rear A-arm bushing, so not at a complete switch to Polygraphite all around.

    And then, what's "not so harsh ride" and "pretty stiff"?..

    Thanks again

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    Paragon Products
    I'm not sure I'm following you completely Tom. The only way to get the factory bushing is to buy a new A Arm. I'm not sure I'd just replace the rear with an aftermarket compound...I'd be more inclined to just replace all 4. Perhaps in the future there will be more choices, but in the mean time, I thinks that's it.

    Jason Burkett
    Paragon Products

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