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    Can someone provide the correct camber, toe and ride height for a European spec 1972 911S? Many thanks.


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    By "correct", do you mean what the factory called for in the manuals, or "as delivered"? If so, depending on how you use the car, you may be leaving something on the table in the performance department by using factory alignment specs.

    In the manuals, camber for the front was specified at 0 degrees, +/- 10', and for the rear, -1 degree, +/- 10'. Toe-in was 0 at the front and rear was 0 to +20' per wheel. Caster was 6 degrees, 5', +/- 15'.

    Ride height in the front was specified as 108mm (+/- 5mm) for the wheel center above the torsion bar center. There should be a slight rake downward towards the front (1 degree), so the rear can be set off that, but the factory spec is 12mm for the rear.

    This is difficult to measure, so BA and others specify heights from the ground to the top of the wheel well arch. This is about 25" at the rear, with the front 1/2" higher (don't be confused by this, it is due to the shape of the arch- it will measure higher, but the front suspension will still be lower than the rear, i.e, raked downward). I don't believe there was any difference in Euro vs. ROW ride height until '74-75, when the 5mph crash bumpers were mandated for the USA cars, so I don't think there is any different "Euro" spec in 1972. Remember that changing ride heights and alignment settings should be done in conjunction with corner balancing.

    If you are intent on a performance alignment, you are going to want the car lower than this with more camber. Check BA's book for recommendations.

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    Thanks, Tom.

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