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Thread: Buying an early 911S

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    Buying an early 911S

    Looking for a 911'S' in the UK and came across the following two examples :

    Imported from the United States (last bill from Witchita KS) in May 1999 this 911 'S' Coupe is finished in Black with a new Black leather interior. A new 2.2 Engine was fitted in the US in 1986 and has since covered only 50,000 miles. It has triple 'Weber' carburettors and has been converted for 'unleaded' petrol.
    Full documentation and 30,000 of receipts (also have original manuals and unused original tool kit), this car is completely rust-free with a clean frame and has never been welded or altered!
    The car is garaged in London and has only been lightly used however it is ready to be driven - it looks stunning and sounds fantastic!
    Chassis - 9110301245
    Engine - 631599

    911 S 2.4 Coupe
    1973 LHD, Blood orange/ black trim, drives exceptionally well and in very good order throughout.

    Help? As far as I can see, the first one has the chassis from the C programme model and the engine from the D - meaning the underbody was never zinc plated - is that a problem? Do all S's have recaro seats? What should I be looking out for generally/specially? Any advice would be greatly received. Yours sincerely Phil Johnson (Norwich, UK).
    By the way 14 and 15,000 are top end when it comes to price, T and E's and going for around 10, as are a couple of 68 SWB S's (european car - so I'm worried about rust). The cheaper one is a private sale, with the other being trade. Do these look expensive??

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    Well, for starters, a 1970 911S should have mechanical injection, not Webers. Webers, by themselves, aren't bad...but the fact that this car has been converted to them would make me wonder about what else is wrong.

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    Prices for 911 seem to have dropped slightly in the UK over the last 12 months or so but that maybe means that the best cars are not available at the moment (just see wwclassics lack of stock over the last 6 months). Last year good cars were closer to 17/20k (I know one that went for 25k, twice) dropping down to 15k for average examples.

    I'm guessing that the blood orange car is the one at Paul Stephens ? If so it's been on sale for at least 6 months and so is begging for a discount (what about the 3.0RS rep that he has?). When I was looking for my 911S last year all the good ones sold within a couple of weeks - why that one is still hanging around I don't know.

    My tip would be to import from the continent - dealer prices there are often cheaper than private in the UK. Try, couple of french sites on the net with good prices as well, some german sites but prices don't seem as keen.

    I think a couple of 911S were available in Porsche Post recently - the Porsche Club UK mag - if the cars are known to the early 911 register of the club you can be pretty sure of a safe purchase on their word.

    In fact I think Peter Morgan (author of "Original 911") was selling his Silver 2.4S in there - go to be worth a look.


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    Thanks for the advice Andy . .

    . . yes it is the car at Paul Stephens - went to see it - looks great (though only saw the outside, as he was at Donnington), but I'm now a little worried that it hasn't sold in such a long time - will shed out for a pre-purchase inspection, if I can't find anything else better. The other one I looked at was actually from Montana not Texas - and wasn't really up to scratch.

    Had a look at the VSOC website and there's a good looking Silver 2.4, have e-mailed for more details (is this Peter Mogan's?). How easy is it to bring them back?

    Flicked through Aprils edition of porsche post and can't see any 'S's'. Are you refering to Mays edition? If it is Aprils, what are the page numbers?

    The only slight problem I have is cost . . . I want something decent, but as this is a 3rd car, budget will only stretch to 18K (and this has to cover any unforseens, i.e. probably 16K for the car itself). I doubt Peter Mogans example will be going for this sort of cash.

    Regards and thanks again.


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    Re: Thanks for the advice Andy . .


    I think the Orange one has already come down a couple of grand - I thought it was up around 16995 originally - not sure.

    I guess that Morgan's 911 must have sold as I can't find it in any of the current issues of the classic mags - was in the 20's I think.

    VSOC is where I bought my 911 from (if you talk to Alex say hi from me). It's really easy to bring a classic back into the UK - fly out on easyjet, stay in Amsterdam for the night (don't let temptation get the better of you!), pop out to VSOC (10 minutes on the train) - 1hour drive to the Hague and back on the ferry.

    Get an MOT, fill out 2 forms and pay 25 for a new number and thats it ! I saved about 5k on UK prices for mine.

    You can contact me on if you've any more queries - if you find a car around London I'd probably be able to bring mine along as a comparison.

    Also can help with contacts for inspections etc,

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    True Brit

    early 911S?

    Have you thought about a 911E? When I was looking a couple of years ago, I was holding out for a 911S but they were so few and far between I had real trouble finding one. So in the end I went for a 2.4E, saved myself at least 5k and have a car that's almost as quick and allegedly more usable than an 'S'. And, of course, you would have all that spare cash available...

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    really descent E, or a not so good S

    I know what you mean . . . I've got this in the back of my mind . . . really descent E, or a not so good S (and the hassle of finding one). I don't suppose you know anything about the blood orange at Paul Stephens (i.e. why it's been around so long?)

    Details :
    - Claims to have lived it's life in Southern Italy (LHD)
    - Imported 4 years ago - no history prior to it's arrival.
    - Since then 8K sent, including brake rebuilt and hydraulic chain tensioners (possibly a respray as well, looking at the finish)
    - mileage unknown
    - according to Paul the carpets are the only thing that really let it down

    He wants 15K . . . but it's been around for almost 6 mths. Is this too expensive?

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    True Brit

    Re: really decent E, or a not so good S

    No, I don't know anything about it I'm afraid. I guess you could get a PPI, but it doesn't bode very well if it's been around for 6 months and it's "only" 15k. You do hear that the bottom's fallen out of the classic car market a bit, so maybe they're just not selling?

    I picked up my "E" about 18 months ago as a Californian import, absolutely rust-free and since then I've spent around 1.5k on it (Carrera tensioners, shocks, etc). Pulls like a train, seems far quicker than the neighbour's 246 Dino, so now I'm glad I didn't hold out for an "S". However, I'm afraid I don't know of any other "E"s for sale - there were a few in the last edition of Porsche Post which I could look up for you if you don't subscribe (I must admit I've let my membership lapse as I'm a bit disillusioned with the PCGB).

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    The blood orange 'S' sold on Wednesday

    The blood orange 'S' sold on Wednesday. I was disapointed until some kind soul told me that the 8K in bills was mainly to correct pretty major front end damage (i.e. been crashed).

    Still looking - an E is now definately on the shopping list.

    Still contemplating a trip to Holland - only problem being my passport has just expired.

    Cheers - and e-mail or ring me if you come across anything. 07941 299 593


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    Hi Phil,

    plans on coming over to the Netherlands? Where do you want to have a look? I'm living in Amsterdam and know quite a few addresses to check out. Really depends on what you are looking for. THe Netherlands is not a "Porsche treasure trove", but some nice early ones can be found.


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