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Thread: old Porsch

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    old Porsch

    My cousins husband just passed on. He had an old Porsch in the garage. Since he was sick for many yeaRS an and I don't know nothing about old cars can anyone help? Tell me what it is and how much its value is. I am going over there in a day or to to take a look. He always was talking about how great it was. Veta never could stand the car it was so uncomfortable and loud.

    Regards Woodie Dowd

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    Old Porsche

    Write down the number on the front driver's side pillar that supports the windshield. It's the VIN, and we can tell you what it might be worth based on that.

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    Got the numbers

    Well by damn if old Harv didn't have two old Porschs. One was tucked away all nice and neat in the garage and the other was all covered up on the side of the h0sue. Veta is mighty determined to get rid of those cars and anything else that has anything to do with them. She was allready throwing thing out. I saw at least 4 maroon binders that had Porsch written on them in the trash along with a fiberglass lid of some srt that would cover the motor. The first car in the garage had all kinds of boxes and stuff piled all over it, it had to car covers over it and took a while to get to those numbers you said to look for. They arre 9113601326. I didn't get around to looking at the other car.

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    Old porsche

    Where is this car located? and what general condition is it on?

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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Good one "Woodie Dowd"! I am cracking up over here. You should have posted this on April 1st though. I love the way "yeaRS" was typed in your first email with the capital letters RS in it. Even funnier was the "fiberglass engine cover in the trash can" in your second email. Then it turns out the VIN # is from a real RS. he he he

    Poor old Veta will have alot of trouble dumping that old junker, tell her old "racea911" will give her $500 CASH for that old worthless "Porsch". And I'm only offering that much because I hate to see an old widow get taken advantage of.

    Come on now, Woodie, come clean. Who are you? ha ha ha

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    Re: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    I don't understand Harv was the most pleasant of characters around. He was always saying it was better to be pleasant than smart. Harv never had a bad habit in his life for a 6 foot three man. He never even wanted to play ball because he never wanted to hurt anyone and always told them so. And how he could run. I aM so disapointed, I guess I will have to find someone else to help Veta and I.

    Best of Regards Elwood P. Dowd

    PS. You mean to say that Harvs old car is really worth something? Like how much?

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    Don't worry Woodie... I looked at the other car

    sitting under the cover outside for your friend Veta. It's another old "Porsch" but it's all messed up because it has no top and it says "SPYDER" on the car. If the factory doesn't even know how to spell SPIDER, how much can the car be worth?

    By the way, this line from your last email is one of the funniest single-lines I've ever read,

    "Harv never had a bad habit in his life for a 6 foot three man."

    I don't know what that means exactly but I'm laughing myself silly. Oh yeah, I noticed in the other car an old painting of a brown haired woman in a dark dress with a very subtle smile. It was signed by some one named Leonard De Vince or something like that. Maybe some art buffs could help you figure out the value of that old "artt"

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    Old Porsche


    Looking back the yeaRS looks funny. I'm one up for a good laugh but, I'm looking for an old tub, any leads???


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    Re: Old Porsche

    Well how are you Race a 911, better to know your real name of course. You met Veta then, and you saw what was on the side of the house? It was a Spider, is that any good? Did you look back in Harvs shed and see what might be back in there?

    If my memory servees me well I sent you my card in the mail you just will have to be looking for it. Well have a pleasant day.

    Give my Regards Woodie Dowd

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    You want to know MY real name?

    Yes, I was able to see what old Harv had in his shed. It is amazing what that shed can hold. There was a Gulf colors "Porsch" 917, a Maserati Birdcage, and a Ferrari Red Barchetta. The Holy Grail was in there and I'm not talking about Monty Python either. Lindberghs baby was in there and, believe it or not, France's bravery for fighting wars was also inside. I told you it was amazing.

    I hate to say it old pal, but Veta sure had a "twinkle" in her eye, especially for one so recently widowed.

    You mentioned your disappointment in an earlier message, but I my friend, am the one who is disappointed that I came in so early and exposed what could have been one of the most entertaining threads ever.

    You wrote "and how he could run".... rotflmao :rollin:

    I'm so sorry I ruined this one!

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