Someone asked me about a HeetSheet for the rear license plate panel as the muffler in his 3.6 transplant was starting to bubble the paint in his SC. I wish I had his problem.

Here are a couple of pics of a heat shield I fabricated for my muffler. I did this soon after my freshly painted rear license panel began bubbling after the engine was rebuilt (so much for nice paint there).

Bend a flat piece of 1" wide x ?" thick flat aluminum bar stock (hardware store) with "steps" to space the mounting surface above the muffler. The height of the steps is equiv. to the amount of air space you want between muffler and shield (must have air space). Drill and tap holes (I did 4), then secure under the two existing muffler clamps. After clamping the mounting bracket in place, attach the shield onto it. Self-tapping screws should work just as well. There are probably more elegant methods of attaching this.

The material I used is galvanized roofing sheet used for flashing (about 8-10" wide); purchased in rolls at your local hardware store. You can also start off with a flat piece of sheet metal as well as make this any material you'd like (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.).The installed width can be any dimension to suit your application. I straightened out the roll, cut to length, hemmed the edges and formed the curve (sheet metal shop or DIY over large pipe, tube or ducting). The shield should not be visible when installed ....
and it works.

Hope this helps anyone in need.
Sherwood Lee