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Thread: Pictures of early door pockets

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    Pictures of early door pockets

    Hi every one I'm new to this board I have a a silver 1970 911S coupe. My question is does anyone have a picture of how the bungee is attached from the factory for the door pockets. My pockets are intact (ie not warped), with the two plastic hinges on the bottom but they are screwed into the arm rest at the top. I would like to reinstall the bungee and have recived verbal descriptions from another board but I still cannot picture how they are attached.

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    Hey guys, I suggested that Sessa make this post, after I had to admit I don't have a digital camera. Anybody?

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    C'mon Pauly...... left this neophyte hangin dude...get with the new year and slide a little plastic thru the machine and get a "dij camera". Boy, what kinda impression do ya wanna leave this poor guy on this sacred cyber site !!!!!

    Manno, manno ,manno.....wah, wah wah...

    da Pasadena kid

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    Re: C'mon Pauly......

    Hoot! You got me, Curt. Actually, on the other board I tried to start a post describing how the shock cord weaves through the holes, how the double hole clips work...and it's beyond my writing skills. It's one of those things easy to understand when you look at it, but to try to describe it? We need one of those guys in Japan who write product instructions in English? Or, as you said, Mandarin Chinese?

    Seriously, anybody out there with a digital camera who can help this guy? Please? I'll confess...count me among those who remember when the little old lady ruled Curt's neighborhood. Thus, a technophobe!

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    I took 4 pics of the bungee today, but don't know how to

    get them to show up on this message board. If someone could explain that to me, or if Sessa would like me to email them to him directly, I need his email address. The pictures are very clear and if my brothers 72 has not been tampered with, you will have no problem doing it the same way. Of course, my (formerly known as Mr. Owiginal) cars both have RS door panels....

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    Arrgh! Thanks for the help...but Sessa already got pics off the other board. I gave him a sales pitch for joining the registry, hope he does so...

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    Re: Thanks!

    Boy I've been negecting to check the boards over the weekend, I will be joining the regestery. racea911 I have seen the pictures on another board but if you have a few minutes to spare I would like to see yours as well, just to compare, you can email them to me at Thanks for your help.

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    door pockets

    I also would like to see the way the bungee cords are installed.
    Would someone please email me a picture?


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    Re: door pockets

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    Pics have been sent to the 2 people who requested them.

    Sorry I didn't send them sooner, but I was sick as a dog yesterday. I hope these are helpful.

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