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    73S Targa with low mileage, balanced, 205/60R15 Yokohama tires, turbo tie-rods and new stock shocks, still shimmys at speeds around 60mph and higher. Is this normal due to low weight in front? What else should be looked at to solve problem? Any advice/suggestions welcome.


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    Have you looked at the alignment?

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    Check wheel bearings and spindle wear, too.


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    front-end shimmy

    Thanks for the feedback...I'll have shop look at both alignment and wheel bearings when they rotate tires and bleed breaks. Can spindle wear be determined at this point also, or do they have to go further w disassembly on the front-end?

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    Rick Cabell


    I had the same problem on my 71S. I replaced everthing concievable to do with suspension and steering. Rims were true,and tried other tires. Wobble at 55-70 MPH. Sold the car. Not for that reason,but I don't have to think about it any more.

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    Re: Shimmy

    When the front end is aligned, the toe-in is supposed to be set to zero, but with the wheels "pressed". A pressure (I forget the poundage) applied with a bar to artificially "spread" the front wheels. I'm not saying this IS the problem, just wondering if it might be a factor? Alignment has always seemed a bit like voodoo to me...results not visible, only felt.

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    Rick Cabell


    Paul, You might have something there. I hate trusting my cars to anyone. Suspension set up is one of those things where you have no control. We don't have a 50,000 dollar rig to check and set toe,caster and camber. At 39.95,you have to do a lot of cars to pay for the machine!

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    Chuck Miller


    Paul, it might be simpler that it looks. Have you balanced the front wheels ON THE CAR !. Many years ago most all alignment shops, and a lot of repair shops had Alamight spin type wheel balancers. After the tire shop dynamically spin balances your wheels/tires you should mount them and go to a shop with a 'on the car' wheel balancer. The machine helps balance the tire/wheel combo with the hub, rotor, bearings, everything. Our cars have such light front ends ANY harmonic imperfection might come up at higher speeds. The Alamight type balancers help find those smaller problems.

    Just my 2 cents ..... good luck


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    Re: Shimmy

    Chuck, I'm not the guy having the problem. My wheels were balanced "on the car". The only trouble I see with this is that you have to be balanced again when you want to rotate tires? This on the car balancing works great. All you have to do is mark one lug, make sure it aligns with the valve stem whenever you remove and replace wheels. You've made a good point here...could the shimmy culprit be old fashioned spin balancing?

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    Rick Cabell


    Another good point Chuck. The problem for me is that one of those machines is 150 miles away!!

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