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Thread: 7x15 on a 69?

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    7x15 on a 69?

    Can I fit 7X15 with R1's on my 69S?

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    Are you talking about front or rear or all around? Depends on tire size (especially aspect ratio) used, spring rates, ride height and camber settings. I have successfully fit 205/50-15 tires on a 7" rim on a '67S with no flares at all, stock torsion bars, and 1-1/2 degree negative camber, and autocrossed it hard with no rubbing. A 205/60 would not work on 7" in the rear without the horrendously expensive 911R offset rims (in which case you could fit a 225/50, probably), but is fine on 6" on that car.

    With the small flares on my '73, I have fit 225/50-15 on 7" all the way around successfully, but a 205/60 would rub slightly in the rear on a 7" rim, about 2" above the fender lip in hard cornering. This is with 21mmF and 26mmR T-bars, lowered, w/ same camber settings as on the '67S.

    YMMV, as there seems to be a bit of variation in fender clearances on most of these older cars, not to mention the variation in tire dimensions between different manufacturers. I have heard of people fitting a 215/55-15 on 7" rims on the rear of a '69-73, but it wouldn't work for me.

    I ended up putting RS flares on my '73 and now have 245/45-16s on 8" rims in the front and 265&275/45-16s on 9" in the rear, which required additional clearancing for the inside fit, and special offset for the front wheels ('86 944T wheels). The additional grip was worth the expense for me, though ( - big grin).


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    15x7 with 205/15/50 rubbed alot on my 70T.

    They rubbed on the passenger side rear only and took all the paint off the inside fender lip. These same tires do not rub at all on a 15x6. My car had 2 degrees of negative camber in the rear when they rubbed too. I was told that all these cars were a tiny bit different but that the passenger rear was the most likely place they would rub.

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