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Thread: Km/h speedometer

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    Km/h speedometer

    I am looking for km/h speedometer for my '72 911S.
    Does anybody know where I can get.
    Thank you.

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    you can often find one in german ebay ( Alternate i think you can also buy a new one at your porsche dealer...
    the next i know ar the german-speaking forums like, most of them speaks english too...

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    if your local dealer doesn't have one, another option is to have your gauge rebuilt by a place like Palo Alto Speedo. they can easily do the conversion. their website is at:

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    Is your car a european car, and you are looking to make it correct?

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    Re: gauge

    My 72-S used to be a US version.
    I have been replacing the US version parts with the Euro ones.
    The left parts which shoud be replaced are speedometer and oil temp/pressure gauge. I am looking for these parts which shoud be in good conditions.

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    European spec

    Dont forget about the ventalation control, the heat and throttle controls, safety belt and buzzer system with warning light, the safety belts and recievers, the hazard warning system, the switch knobs, fuel tank ventalation and all assosiated brass tunnel tubes and front trunk inner fender inlet and outlet brazed tubes, the engine shroud, all of the lighting including all of the assemblies not just the lenses are unique an vary depending on which european market the car is from. Also all of the placards in the engine compartment as well as the drivers manual are unique. I know that there are a couple of other things that I can remember right now that have to do with the various chassis panels. I will keep my eye out for the gauges for you.

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    Re: European spec

    In German Ebay you can find one under
    You have to know, that the Prices in Germany are now Euro (1 US$ is About 0,90 )

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    Rick Cabell


    I don't mean to be a nick pick,but it's the other way around. One euro= 90 cents

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    Re: correction

    oh!!! excuse me!! Rick ist rigth!!! 1$ is more than 1!!!

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    km/h speedo

    For what it's worth; Expectations are that in 6 months time, conversion rate will be 1:1 (Euro ollar)....

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