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Thread: tires for 69s

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    tires for 69s

    I just bought a 69S it has worn out Dunlop SP's 215/60/15 all the way around.I tried to find the same tires at tire rack but they didn't have that same tire. What is recommended out there? Thanks in advance.

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    What size rims? Oh well, either 6" or 7"? You might think of stepping down a bit in size. I'm running 195/65 yoko A008P on my '72. THey seem to fill the fenderwells in an eye pleasing manner, and sure stick better than my old (stock) Michelin XWX 185/75 did. Another thing you might do is play with the interactive tire size chart offered on the technical link on the home page here. Note how close this 195/65 size is in diameter to the stock 185/75. The chart is not only informative, it's fun!

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    Tires for 69S

    I believe our original XWX's were 185/70, not /75. A minor point, but the /70 is truly close to
    the 195/65. My '73 has been equipped with A008P tires as well, with fine results.

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    Re: Tires for 69S are absolutely correct. My apologies. The old XWX size is exactly as you posted.

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    Where is every-one getting there A008's from. Yokohama has stop producing these tires almost 4 years ago. I know a few people who are searching and would appreciate the info.
    Thanks, Robert.

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    215/60/15 to much?

    The 215/60/15 is close to the original OD. Is 215 to much?

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    Re: 215/60/15 to much?

    215/60/15? How much have your fenders been flared? As to Yoko A008P (emphasis on the "P"...a tread pattern developed by Yoko for Porsche) I thought they were still available, but could be mistaken. Gosh, I hope they're still available.

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    no flares, original

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    Then, in my humble opinion, 215's will rub...badly. A friend was able to fit them on a '76, but only after fender modifications. 205's I've seen done many times, but even these are tight. Plus if your rims are 6", 205's about the max anyway. I know the desire to get the tread width as wide as possible...been there, done that. But really, I've been very happy with the 195/65 yoko A008P. And I sure hope they are still available. If not? Well...back to square one, I research.

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    I bought 4 yoko's AVS dB 195/65/15 per your recommendation. I don't think they the 008's anymore. The car has old tires on it now but they are dunlop Sp d4 at 215/60/15. I assume 69S wheels where 6's. According to the wheel chart 215/60/15 are the same diameter as original 185/70/15 a little wider they seem to work.

    Thanks for your help

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