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Thread: Weltmeister short shift kit

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    Weltmeister short shift kit

    Anyone fitted a Weltmeister short shift kit? Any problems? Would you recommend them?

    I have a 72 911T and would like to reduce the shift throw, but would like some feedback on the Weltmeister kit before I considering purchasing it.

    Many thanks.

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    stick in the mud

    If you want your car to shift more bulky, have less feel, and increase your chances of shifting error, the short shift is great. I love the early 915 gerboxes prior to the later improvement to add strenth to the entire syncro system, they shift wonderful.

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    Silver Surfer

    What about the factory kit?

    Ok, Jurgenschmidt, but what about the factory short shift kit, is that one advisable? I don't want balkiness or less feel, but it would be nice to have a shorter throw.


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    I installed a Weltmeister on a 72 that I used on the street and the track. I thought it made a big difference (positive) in feel and decreased missed shifts. I'm sure the factory kit is similar.


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    Roland Kunz

    short shift kit


    The factory shift kit is only aviable for the aluminium drum shifter mechanismen They came as M 241 or M243 factory optin for the last 3,2 tranys with the asymetrical doogtheet synchronisation.

    As far I remember Porsche didnīt recomemd to use them on pre SC cars except for race use when the trany liftime is shortened anyhow. At least if you upgrade to the newer design gearsets I wouldnīt see a problem.

    Porsche sold the parts as a complete kit over the counter and it was some 30 minutes work with the correct tools and know how.

    I donīt know how the prices are but I had seen enough kits to say the Porsche kit is faster to use as you donīt have to cut the shifter and fidle with the reverse lookout.
    Also the built quality from those parts are sometimes very close to carbidge. ( That clamp thing cracks under hard use, but maybe it must brake to safe the trany ? )

    Yet I donīt know if they where from Weltmeister but very often to see in US reimports.


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