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Thread: motor oil survey

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    motor oil survey

    if money where no object what motor oil would you use in your vintage 911? (or what do you think is the best motor oil available?)
    Mobile 1, Castrol Syntek, other....?

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    motor oil survey

    I have used turbodiesel oil in my 69S for most of the 80000+ miles I have done. It has run very reliably and smoothly. This is on the recommendation of my mechanic who states that its viscosity is close to that for which the engine was designed and has a high detergent content.
    I have a friend with a 2.2S with Mobil 1. Runs very well and has no leaks!!

    You pays your money............

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    I run Mobil1 in my track car because I believe it has better properties at high temps, which I often see at the track (235-245F). I run Castrol GTX in the street car.


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    Chuck Miller

    oil survey

    For what's it's worth, I've been around racing since the late 60's and I've been running KENDALL GT-1
    Racing Oil in all my cars since the early 70's ...
    used straight 40W until the 80's then switched to 20-50W. I live in Southern Cal. where the temp. is mostly
    warm to hot. I presently run this oil in a 98' S-10 pick up, a 67'Mallabu, and of course the 73' 911-S....
    In the past I've ran this oil in an Alfa GTA C-Sedan, Formula Ford, Formula Atlantic, 55'Chevy drag car ....
    and the list (between me and my racing friends) goes
    on and on.
    Check it out yourself at the track .....

    It always makes me smile when I walk the road racing, drag, and circle track pits and see the 'black cases of green-death' over in the corner even when there might be the name of another oil on the side of the car.......... Again, for what it's worth

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    I also use Kendall GT-1 20w50 in my 73 911E at the advice of the previous owner. $40/case where I live.

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    Robert Laverty


    I run Kendall in my Formula Continental while breaking it in then Mobil 1. I used to run Castrol or Valvoline in my previous Porsches - I'll now use Kendall in '70S.

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    I used to run Mobil 1 15W-50 and changed to Mobil 1 0W-30 at the last oil change.

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    motor oil

    Walt Watson at competition engineering is probably one of the most experianced Porsche engine builders out there. He told me years ago that when taking a engine apart,he can tell a engine that has been run with Kendell a mile away. Minimal valve guide wear and the bearing surfaces look like new with a 100K miles on them. Some racers say synthetic is the way to go because you can run a thinner oil (less resistance) thus more power. Say,10-50 instead of 20-50,and get the same protection. I personally know almost nothing about syn. oil other than it has been OE oil for Porsche for several years. Another thing Walt said was that the inside of the crankcases were very clean on the Kendall engines.

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    motor oil

    I have just looked throught the comments written earlier for suggestions to motor oils. The recommended Kendall is not sold here in Norway (as far as I know).

    Since Castrol GTX3 20W-50 (used earlier in my 2.0 car) is replaced by Castrol Protection 10W-40 I've used this the last season. I feel this is a bit to thin, and want to get a 20W-50 oil for my next change.

    I believe mineral is good enough for an old engine design for normal driving, the essential is how often you change.

    Have anyone experience with the Castrol Classic Oils, especially the XL 20W-50? Do you have any other suggestions for mineral oils (Valvoline, Pennzoil)? .

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    Motor Oils

    I too use Kendall GT in my '73 S. I had used Castrol products in my '87 BMW 325is, but stopped when I heard negative comments from mechanics I trust. If Kendall is unavailable, I would suggest Mobil-1.

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