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    First Gear

    i bought my 1971 911S (5-speed) last fall and am still trying to figure out what is "correct". according to my owners manual "all forward gears are synchronized".
    if i try to shift into first gear when the car is rolling there is a very noticible "grind". i have even tried to double clutch (rev in neutral then clutch and drop it into first) with the same "grind" result (which really puzzles me).
    when the car is stationary it goes into first without a peep.
    is this normal or is it the synchro or what?

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    Rick Cabell

    1st Gear

    You for sure have a bad syncro,probably bad dog teeth on the first gear set also. Some transmissions go 200,000 miles with no trouble,some have problems at 50k. The differance is the driver and how well he(or she) takes care to shift correctly. You should be able to pull it into 1st at 5-10 mph with no problem . I myself only put it in 1st as I am rolling to a stop. No need to stab it in first at any real speed.

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    Re: 1st Gear

    I have that same problem, what do you think it would cost to repair.

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    Re: 1st Gear


    Since you have to pull the motor to get the tranny out to fix it, you are going to want to go thru the whole box instead of just fixing the 1st gear synchro. Then you might as well do the clutch and pressure plate while it's out, if they're worn at all. And what about those pesky oil leaks that were too hard to get at until the engine is out? Or detailing the engine bay? Once you start fixing things, it's hard to stop. I'd say if you got out of it at $1500-2000 you'd be doing great, if you're having someone else do the work. More if you need new gears or get carried away with "might as wells...."


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