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Thread: Need to identify part

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    Paul Nichols

    Need to identify part

    Hello all, my first post here. I'm restoring a '73 and need to know if any of you can help me identify a part which is hanging around the front storage compartment.

    It's about 8-9" tall, made of 1/4" thick cardboard and is half-round. It almost looks like it was cut out of a large-diameter cardboard tube. It's painted the same color as the car. It looks like a cover of some sort and has a hole in it that looks like a strap or something might pass through it.


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    Its the fuse-box sheild. It fit's into the sheet metal slot beside the fuses. Their should be a small metal clip that attachs to it as well and the function of this is to hold a drainage tube that pass's by.

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    Sounds correct to me although I think all of them were originally painted silver

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    Yes, they are silver originally. Mine still is, tho getting a bit ratty around the corners. Thanks for the "looks like it was cut out of a cardboard tube" line. I'm going o start looking at mailing tubes, comparing thickness...silver paint isn't hard to find .

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    Paul Nichols

    Who else needs one of these???

    Thanks very much for your help and responses. If anybody happens to have a good picture of a storage compartment I'd love to see it--I must be missing a clip or something and would like to see how all this stuff fits together when properly installed.

    Maybe we should figure out how to fabricate these things out of tubes (round concrete molds come to mind). Anybody else want one?

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    Get Brett Johnsons 911 and 912 Guide and turn to page 37 top left photo and page 38 top left photo to see the part you talk about and some infor on luggage compartment layout. I have a European spec car living in Australia but will happily photograph any parts you like and email to you. My cars are a 73 S Coupe and a dismantled 73S Targa.

    Clyde Boyer

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    Also the part is made out of flat fibreboard and takes its shape from being bent and held in position behind the two retaining areas. The clip is made from spring steel and as was suggested is designed to hold the smaller of the two fuel ventilation box tubes. This ventilation box is tucked up under the dash in the luggage area on the far right hand side as you look from the front. I'm not sure if the box exists on US spec cars but its bloody useless anyway if its suppsed to get rid of fuel fumes because it doesn't. It clips onto the area just below the hole in the centre of the fibreboard. I will picture that if you like also

    Clyde Boyer

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    need to identify part

    Well, this is a good one. I checked my parts manual extensively, but can't find it! Does anybody have a parts number of this carton piece?


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    You can forget the part number Porsche or Porsche Classic don't supply this part any more. I will find the part number as it does exist next week and post it here

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    I am reasonably sure my car ('72S) did NOT come with the metal clip on this cardboard part...and it's a USA model. I bought the car in '74 when it had just under 7,000 miles on the odo, so am assuming no changes were made by the first owner. Also, I've been looking at mailing tubes here in the states. The mailing tube material isn't even close to the material in the original part. So, if any of you over the pond come up with anything please keep me informed. Finding the proper material seems to be the real problem with replication. e mail: Thanks...Paul

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