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Thread: Steering wheels

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    Steering wheels

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my '73 S and am wondering what steering wheel the '73 RS had. The original steering wheel was 40cm. diameter (leather or foam trim), the 914 had 38cm. diameter.

    Was this wheel used for RS as well, but then with leather trim, giving the wheel a thicker grip?).

    Someone can shed a light on this? I'm thinking of taking a 914 wheel (foam) and finish it with leather trim and add a steering wheel spacer. Would this be the same as a Carrera RS wheel?

    Brett Johnsons book shows only 38cm wheel as same as 40cm wheel with leather.

    Tom B.

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    Chuck Miller

    Steering wheels

    Tom, The steering wheel on the RS was the same wheel used on the factory 914-6 ... no mods, no extra padding
    just the 914-6 wheel ... and where's my licorice?

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    In my RS the wheel indeed has a 914 number. There are many numbers for these 914-6 wheels, and I've seen them all on RSs. They are the same diameter as the std 3-spoke wheel from the '74-'83 911s, but with a thinner rim.
    BAUR in Germany made the thick rimmed wheels for the lightweight RS, and they made them by putting a second layer of leather. I couldn't believe it until I checked one for myself.
    Regards, GeorgeK

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    Where can A guy find one of these wheels?

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    steering wheel

    Thanks guys, that helps a lot. I've got several of the 914 wheels, indeed different numbers. I know Porsche Classic has one padded wheel 38cm. in stock. You don't want to know what they ask for it... (Dm 2600).

    I got an E-mail from a guy in Germany who has a padded steering wheel, but stuffed it with some foam. The extra layer of leather seems a better option.

    Thanks again!


    P.s. Chuck,... to be honest.. I had already three packages to be send to you, but .. hey... something got in their way... But licorice coming up (I'm still looking for a small shop in Amsterdam who make extra double salted licorice, better than XTC!). Sorry for the personal note on the board, gentlemen.

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    RS steering wheel

    I have one of the lightweight type RS wheels, which I rehupolstered myself. I'm willing to sell it.
    If anyone's interested, mail me for details.
    I know it's not a commercial board, but where to sell it, other than on a board populated by early 911 amateurs?
    Regards, George

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    Steering wheels

    You don't happen to have a picture of the wheel George? Since I have 914 steering wheel I don't want to purchase, but would like to see it for my reference.
    (could go through E-mail, if you have one)


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    RS wheel

    Hi Tom,
    Sorry I don't have a pic that I can post as of now... but if you have any book with pics of 2.8 RSR, the wheel in these cars is the same as the lightweight RS's It is a thick rimmed 380 mm wheel. The rim is very confortable to hold, and it makes it less tiring, IMO.

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    RS wheel

    Tom B, and all others,
    I have a few pics now.
    Let me know if you're interested.

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    steering wheels

    Yes please send them to


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