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Thread: Rear 3/4 window seal....

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    Rear 3/4 window seal....

    Anyone got experience of fitting one of these ?

    I've fitted all new rubber to almost all of the car this weekend but I can't get the 3/4 window seals to fit.
    After 5 hours I managed to fudge one on but scratched the car in the process - I almost cried.

    I can get the seal around the upper and lower curved edges of the window but when that's on, the front edge (the one inside the door gap) just will not go into the slot, it's hanging loose. It's as though the seal is built for a larger window.

    Now the seal is on but the front edge gets pulled out whenever I shut the door and the window needs one hell of a shove to shut it.
    The dealer assured me that the seal I've got is the right one. It looks the same as the one that came off the car.

    If you can remember how to fit one I'd love to know the trick !

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    Sounds like you've stumped us Andy. Have to admit, I don't have a clue. C'mon guys with body shop experience, weigh in here...maybe cut a section out of the seal, glue the ends together?

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    That's exactly what you have to do Paul. A friend of mine had the same problem over the winter with his 73' S.

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    Re: seal

    Thanks for the tip - I'll give that a go over the weekend.

    At 30 per seal I'd better get it right first time.

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    Re: seal

    Keeping our fingers crossed for you Andy. Since I've never done it, just a thought gleaned while doing amateur carpentry. It's much easier to cut things off than it is to glue 'em back on. BTW, did the wiring diagrams ever make it? Even snail mail, they should be there by now! Keep us posted on the progress, okay? Good Luck, Paul

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    Re: seal

    Rear 1/4 window seals are very difficult to reinstall yourself. I tried for several hours and finally quit. My recommendation: Autobody shop or glass shop. If you are located in the Seattle area I can point you to two good, experienced places that are relatively inexpensive. I paid $75 dollars to have both done. It is WELL worth the money.

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    Re: seal + oil filler flap

    Well so far the seal has cost me 150 (about $225) plus a small scratch on the body work !

    It turns out that the seal I was originally sent WAS NOT a Porsche OEM part. It was a repro and that's why it wouldn't fit correctly.

    Even after cutting it up there was no way it was going to fit correctly. So I've now ordered one direct from Porsche in Germany - 80 ($140) ! Hopefully that one will slip right on (right!).

    This is not a lucky car for me so far - the other night I opened the oil filler cap (it's a 72 so its the one on the rear wing with a button in the door well) and the bracket snapped. The flap went spinning off into the distance. Amazingly the main Porsche dealer in London had a replacment in stock which is on it's way to me now - I'm scared to sit in it now for fear of a comedy, seat falling through the floor moment.

    The sickening thing is that the car really is in 9.5/10.0 condition, but all of the little things that could go wrong appear to be starting to go wrong. Grit teeth and keep plugging on I guess.

    Honestly if there was a social services for 911Ss then they would take this car into care ! "According to our records Mr Richardson this 2.4S has been subject to systematic abuse and deterioration since being in your care".

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    Chuck Miller

    Rear 3/4 window seal....

    Got a kick out of your last thread ....
    Being IN 'Social Services'(kind-a)from 1970-1978 this is what I prescribe:
    Take your S to recommended mechanic who was around AND in business in the 70's who knows the early cars ins-and-outs/ strengths-and-weaknesses cold. And have him go through it mechanically 'stem to stern'.
    Next, anything YOU take off the car .. inspect, clean,
    shine up, and lubricate, before you put it back on.
    Kind-of-a poor mans restoration.
    And finally, HAVE TRUST IN THE MACHINERY ... these son-of-a-gun cars we own are, for the most part, OVER ENGINEERED, and ... willing and able to handle more abuse then us mere mortals can deliver.

    Don't despair Andy, just patiently sort it out .... then drive the wheels off it.

    If this doesn't help maybe your next move should be
    XANAX ....


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    Rear 3/4 window seal

    Hi Andy

    I would recommend Chris Turner in Willesden if you are in the London area and need help with your car. Chris is very familiar with the early cars. He looks after my 69S coupe and is very thorough, friendly and honest.
    His number is 020 8451 6000



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    SUCCESS ! (3/4 rubber seal)

    Finally got a seal to fit the window !

    Turns out the seals are the correct size and do not need cutting at all. The key is to get the flat edge (that faces the door) in first and then get the rest in afterwards. The seal must be pushed right into the gap - when you think it's in it's probably still got a fair way to go.

    A mate who had experience of fitting one did it for me - lots of WD40 and elbow grease and it fits perfectly now. It's really a 2 man job as someone needs to hold the window frame while someone gets the seal on.

    When fitting the window back onto the car, fold the loose flap behind the door seal to ensure that the seal doesn't get pulled out when you slam the door.

    Also lubricate the window frame to allow the window to shut or the rubber will stick and the glass will be stressed.

    Job done.

    Now I've got to paint out the small scratch the I made when removing the window. Any tips ? I've got a can of touch up paint and a small artists brush.

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