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Thread: Early cars and swaybars

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    Early cars and swaybars

    I currently have a nice 1973 911T driver that has factory swaybars. The car has high miles (195,000) needs paint, and some trim, but is mechanically in very good condition. I have found a similar, reasonably priced 911T in good condition that has original paint and interior. Purchasing this car would save me a lot of money over doing a complete restoration on my current car, but it does not have swaybars. What is involved and how hard is it to install swaybars on a car that did not have them originally? I believe that they are a bolt on proposition except except the rear body mounts. Is this correct? I would only consider using factory parts. (yes, I'm one of those types!) Is an early T with factory swaybars rare? Were they standard on E models? Thanks.

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    The way I understand it was swaybars were standard on the S model but options for the others. It just depends on how they were specified when they were imported to the US. The T was the "barebones" model, so it is less likely to have had the swaybars specified than the others.

    Adding the factory pieces is not a particularly hard job, but it's not all a "bolt-on". The rear consoles have to be located and welded to the tub, and the trailing arm must have the little ball joint arm to receive the drop link end.

    The front bar is easy, but you need to have the little U-bracket welded on your A-arm to receive the droplink. I guess you can bolt that on too, but the factory brackets were welded, I think.

    If you're going to do it, make sure you get the newer, improved version of the rear console bracket- it was reinforced after some of the early ones failed. Also, I would consider installing the 18mm bars from the '76 Turbo instead of the stock sizes, which were probably 15 or 16mm?


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    Any of the rear swaybars from the early turbo will not fit on any of the 915 gearbox cars. The turbo sway bar has a big bend in it to clear the 930 gearbox and will hit on a 915 box if installed in such car. The early 911 cars like mid 70S, for example 76 have a 18mm rear bar that will fit on a early 911, it has the same shape and mounting points. The front bar is different and this is where a early turbo through the body 18mm sway bar is a great upgrade, it will bolt right into a early car.

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    Yes, you're right Schmidt. I should have qualified that statement about 18mm bars- it's only the front bar that you want from the early Turbo, not the rear. The correct rear 18mm bar is even more readily available from any dismantler, as almost all the '74-77 model 911s had them. I found one at Autobahn in El Cajon for $75, complete with droplinks and bushings. The rear bar from the Turbo does have a bend in it for the 930 tranny, and I have heard it will interfere with the 915, but will it clear the early 901 trans.? I've never tried it...


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    Thanks I had no idea it would clear a 901 gearbox I will try it before I throw the one out I have.

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    Chuck Miller

    Early cars and swaybars

    Stock sway bars on a 73' were 15mm front and rear, if the car was so equipped.

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