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Thread: Hide-and-seek

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    Chuck Miller


    Hey guys, I need a radar detector recommendation
    ... my old unit is at lest 10 yrs old ... and I seem to
    be having a run of bad luck .. if-ya-know-what-I-mean


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    Chuck, I'm still relying on an old passport...the ones that only read X & K bands, but do so at a further range than most of the new "cover everything" detectors. That said, a friend of mine (he is editor/publisher of STAR, Mercedes Benz club magazine) swears by Valentine...once told me he'll never do a "road test" without one. This a recent conversation, so assume it's the same opinion. Boy, you DO know how to start a discussion, don't you? Another friend of mine had the best radar defense I ever heard of...Training in the F-111, he and the guy to his right tested some of the planes equipment on cops running radar..
    Guess they had stuff that would fry a police unit. Wouldn't THAT be nice to have?

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    Hi Chuck,

    Hope you didn't get a ticket heading back to LA from "Lost Wages" - I agree, Valentine 1 is the way to go.

    Randy Wells

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    Rick Cabell
    Chuck- Myself and several others also agree on the Valentine. My shop is near the IBM R&D plant. One of the top engineers tore one apart and could not understand how they could possibly sell such a advanced piece of hardware for under $400. This guy has a Z-3,a new VW turbo beetle,a twin turbo quattro, and a custom valentine install in each car. As with all detectors, you have to learn how to use it,but once you do, there is no substitute!!

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    Chuck Miller


    Thanks guys, that's pretty much the poop I got on the outside .... 'best of the rest' is the latest Escort 'best of the best' is the Valentine....

    And ya
    Randy, on the way home with Fred I turned off my old radar for a 'pit stop', when I turned it back on down the road I got the hard 'test-hit' but it kept beeping
    .... he was under an overpass.

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