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Thread: tire recomendation

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    rick cabell

    tire recomendation

    I have been out of the tire tests for the last few years.Can someone in the know recommend a good all round tire for my 71s? I have the 6x15 alloys and believe I want to run 195-65 VR-15. Any ideas?

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    I was just looking for some tires in that size. I have heard good things about the Yoko AVS Intermediate, but Tire Rack only has them in 195/50 or 205/50 right now. The spec page lists them in a 195/60, though, which might work well (24.3" height). See

    Go to their search page and fill in your size and you will be overwhelmed with choices. Read the user comments for input.


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    rick cabell
    Thank you TTWEED for the good advice!!

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    i've had very good luck with bridgestone re 71's. i have them on my saab and benz and will consider them when its time to get tyres for my 71s. they are great in the wet, decent in the snow and pretty cheap.

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    I second the opinion of the Yoko AVS Intermediates. I just put some on my 73, and I absolutely love them, plus they were only $65/ea from tire rack.

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    Chuck Miller

    tire recomendation

    I 'third' that opinion on the AVS's. I'm on my 3rd set
    for my 73' and the 195-60's are really working out for
    Fred Stewart's 67'.

    Chuck Miller

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    I'm currently running the Yoko A008P on my '72S. They don't wear like iron, but they do stick well. High speed rating, plus the 195/65 15" fills the fenderwells nicely, close to the same diameter as the original michelin XWX.

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    forgot to mention, my wheels are 7X15 fuchs. But the yoko A008P in 195/65 should fit as 6" rim as well. How'd I get away with the 7's? STIFF on the torsion bars, bigger sway bars. The ride smooths right out above 90 mph or so...

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    rick cabell
    Thanks everybody for the input.Does anybody know the diameter of the stock 185-70-15 tire?T The tire rack sheet does not list this size.One of my concerns is keeping the speedo. as close as possible. The A008P being available in 195-65-15 sounds the most interesting as it is probably the closest diameter. Thanks again-Rick

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    click on tech info, this site...then have fun playing with "interactive tire size". Boy, wish I had something like that available years ago.

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