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Thread: Right Front Knocking Noise

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    Right Front Knocking Noise

    Hi, I'm hoping for some help with a knocking noise that comes from the right front suspension of my modified 70 911under somewhat
    inconsistent circumstances. I bought the car as it sits fairly recently, it has gas charged Koni's and an aftermarket weltmeister torsion bar. When
    the knock occurs, it is as if someone struck the shock tower with a metal mallet, loud and painful. But, it does not always happen and it does not
    happen when the corner is already under compression. It never felt like the strut to me because the damping performance always seemed fine, but
    looking at the car my mechanic could find no other explanation. After having taken the struts out he's found them to be in perfect working order.
    He then checked the bearings in the lower A arm and found nothing. He's stumped and I can't do any more than describe it. If anyone has had a
    similar experience with an illuminating ending, I'd love to hear it. Thanks very much, Eric Ryder

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    Sound silly, but are the battery straps tight? everything else in the trunk thoroughly tightened down? Sometimes it could be the obvious and the simple...

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    Chuck Miller

    Right Front Knocking Noise

    Eric, I to had an aberrant noise coming from the right front recently and maybe you have the same deal....
    There's a lot of 'ifs' in this one, but here goes. have a front oil cooler, and if it's the early
    radiator type, and if it has the louvered shield, and
    if that shield isn't tightly secure up against the inner fender. THEN, what happened to me was, only under
    the 'right' conditions (air coming up and around the
    shield from either the road or the tire itself) would
    make the damn thing oscillate against the inner/fender-
    inner/bumper area like an inconsistent machine gun.
    The fix was a strategically placed tech screw with rubber grommet to hold the shield tight against the inner fender .... Never so-much-as-a peep again.

    Eric, if none of this silliness applies then 'you got
    me!' .... and I'm sorry I couldn't help.

    Chuck Miller

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    I want to thank you guys for you tips, I appreciate it - eric

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    I want to thank you guys for your tips, I appreciate it - eric

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