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Thread: opinions on rubber/weatherstripping?

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    opinions on rubber/weatherstripping?

    i have a '71 911s targa that has a crappy paint job. i'm having it stripped down to bare metal, a few small rust patches fixed and then repainted by a top notch body shop that regularly restores cars. at that time ill need to aquire all of the exterior rubber for replacement (windshield seal, rear window seal, all weatherstripping, etc, etc.)

    tweeks sells a complete rubber set for this car but im concerned about the quality. my body shop has warned me about poor quality/fitting rubber out there (although they dont have any experience with the tweeks stuff). does anyone here have any experience with these items or recomendations of other suppliers?

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    opinions on rubber/weatherstripping?

    I think most repro rubber/weatherstripping should be okay. However, the front and rear windshield seals are very important to prevent water from entering. I would suggest getting these pieces directly from Porsche. I don't think the cost difference is significant and the fit should be a lot better than some of the repro rubber I've seen.

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    rubber or...

    i know what your talking about and i was wondering the difference between the rubber or the foam stripping they offer. im pretty sure the foam is cheaper but why? does it just not last as long? that door rubber takes alot of abuse near the bottom so could foam even hold up? its just foam!
    ...i just felt like talking today. later guys

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