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Thread: TORCO gear oil

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    TORCO gear oil

    For those out there who became believers in the TORCO brand 75W140 gear oil like I did, I have some news. Couldn't get the stuff from my usual supplier, but I found that National Drivetrain, a 4X4 & offroad specialty firm, markets it under their own label. Can be purchased for $8.50 per quart, plus shipping, of course. Also available with or without limited slip additive. I've used swepco in the past. Believe me, your 915 gears will move much smoother & easier with the Torco synthetic stuff. On the national drivetrain label, a small portion says: "made by Torco", so it is the same stuff. National Drivetrain, 4336 Losee Road, #4, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030. Local number is (702) 657-8307. Toll free: 1-888-770-4327. Anybody know of a source for the old TORCO brand? For some reason, my supply just dried up.

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    Chuck Miller

    Torco gear oil

    Hey pwd72s do you have limited slip? ... I tried the
    TORCO in my old 73' with a tired LS hopping for a little change (with all I've read about the product I was really hopping for a miracle) ... and the thing got
    worse, rough and loud. So, back in went the SWEPCO/w
    LS additive and everything went back to how it was.
    ....... go figure?

    Chuck Miller

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    Re: Torco gear oil

    Yeah, go figure. Gotta remember tho. 1st time I tried the TORCO 75-140, switching from Swepco, my car had all of 44K (legit, documented) on the odo. Swepco, tho great stuff, is, if I understand correctly, non synthetic? Torco was synthetic, sure poured more easily out of the bottle. Also, Torco had a 6 rating, as opposed to 5 for swepco, so I thought why not. Since the switch, shifting has never been easier. But, before the switch, I developed the common 915 trans "soft" 2nd gear synchro, so had the gearbox gone though by a very trusted mechanic. How trusted? That's his white '73 on the cover of Brett Johnson's book. So, since the overhaul? Nothing but Torco.
    Talked a local 4X4 nut into trying Torco. He, an avid elk hunter who tows a huge 5th wheel behind his chevvy 4X4, 454
    engine. He also a local wrench who rebuilt my mopar 360, another story. Before the switch in differential lube, he had severe problems with gear wear due to overheating under the towing load. He tells me Torco solved the problem. Yeah I know, a 915 gear box and a chevy rear end towing a 35' 5th wheel are completely different lubrication problems.
    Or, are they both what we would call severe service? Evidence is there that synthetics handle heat better, the main reason for my change. But limited slip problems? I haven't experienced any. I do know the shifts come much easier with Torco over when I ran swepco. Gotta admit tho, it's a rare year my '72S covers 1,000 miles. 2001 will be different, think I'll be at Cambria. Maybe a last Porche fling for my ol' buddy Ben & I....Vegas? Well, registry fols seem to like the place, but I went to Reno for my 21st birthday...that was enough gambling & glitz for me...Oh, almsot forgot...yes, my car has the factory limited slip. Should I have switched to something else? I didn't.

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