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Thread: muffler opinions

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    muffler opinions

    i recently aquired a 1971 911s (mechanical injection). it needs a muffler. i'm leaning towars a stainless steal OE muffler tweeks sells but am toying with the idea of a borla. (i want stainless steal for the longevity as well as appearence since the muffler is so visible from the back of the car). anyone have any opinions or preferences?

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    Not sure about the noise restrictions in your part of the world but I just drove a '71 S last week that had the 2-pipe Sport muffler on it with MFI.

    The car ran very well and was surprisingly not as loud as I expected. In fact, from inside the car, I didn't even notice it. No noisier than the crappy Bursch I had on my '70 T.

    Not sure if they make a stainless Sport but the power was nice through the mid-high end (sounds rather redundant when talking about an S. . ." You might want to check it out.

    My 2 cents.

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    I have 71 S 2.2 its a low milage car the OE muffler was rusted , I was lucky to find a nice used one for 100.00 I took the old rusted muffler and welded it up and installed two pipes and made my own sport muffler, I have to say i like the sound a lot better performance
    is probally the same even though its sounds a lot healther at idle but not much differnt at speed. Stainless mufflers are ok but they fit much tighter , Bursch makes a good replacement painted with gray heat paint and there about 300.00 also they also convert these too sport mufflers a good friend put one on his car its a little mellower than mine and i think when mine needs to be replaced i will go for that one good luck Phil

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    what do you mean when you say: "Stainless mufflers are ok but they fit much tighter" ?

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    Re: muffler

    I have a '71 911S and wanted a better than stock sound. I ordered a Dansk OE style muffler from Performance Products. They sold it to me as an FVD, but not the same. Unit has a big bore pipe on it and was received damaged. Twin sport outlet to rear was not an option as I did not want rear license valence burned from heat. Settled on AJ USA single outlet sport muffler in steel. Stock fit and nice sound. For cosmetics I will have unit ceramic coated at Jet Hot. You might also try the real FVD unit at This is stainless and $800. The sound is well regarded and has been praised by Early911S members. Good Luck.

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    stainless muffler

    What i meant is stainless after market muffler fit tighter to the bottom valance ,they look like OE muffler
    but when they bolt up the clearence is closer to edge of the rear valance. Not a big deal if you call around you could find a used one quite easly, Dansk or Bursch make good replacements.

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    Chuck Miller

    muffler opinions

    Boy, been around the block a-couple of times with this one ... Since 89'I've owned a stock 73'2.4-S. It now has over 150K mil. but runs REAL strong (just ask the
    guys at the last autoX) And I'm real in tune with how the car runs. The MFI pump was rebuilt a few years ago.... I purchased the car with a Manta 4 pipe exhaust
    to which my mechanic asked if I like giving about 15hp
    away .... Off came the Manta and on went a stock/used
    muffler. The car ran great. About 4 years ago I fell
    prey to 'good' advertising and installed a AJ single
    outlet sport muffler. Well, it sounded good, it ran
    strong on the top end, but I lost bottom and midrange.
    So, off came the AJ and on went the stocker. Wouldn't
    ya know I got the itch again! This time about a year ago and this time an EXPENSIVE Monty stainless steel muffler ( the one for MFI)with a 3" single outlet. Exactly the same as the AJ!.. sounded GREAT, looked
    beautiful, and gave me a little bit more top end.
    However, no matter how 'rich'(on a CO meter)I adjusted the FI pump I still couldn't pick up the bottom end and transition.
    so...... you guessed it, off came the Monty and on went the stocker... I don't know about the rest of you
    but I'll give up a little top end and sound for clean and responsive bottom end and midrange to get me off of corners any time.........
    So, for me the only muffler opinion for a MFI street car is a factory stocker... the closer to an OEM Lystritz or Bischoff the better.

    PS... If anyone wants to buy a beautiful MONTY
    stainless muffler for early MFI cars let me know.

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    Kudos to Chuck for his muffler comments. My experience was briefer, but had the same results. Back in the mid 70's, I just felt the need for the twin pipe sport mufflers of the time. PANO had an article on how to modify the stock muffler, changing it into the twin pipe, so I had it done.
    Not only did I note a flat spot at about 3600 RPM, it drove me batty with the noise on long trips. After a 3 day trip of some 1500 miles, I pulled the muffler, gave it to a guy with a '70 T. I bought a factory stanless muffler from the old Valley Core Co. Think I paid around $200, back in '75. That muffler has been on the car since, & no intention of going back to the "sexy" aftermarket stuff. On the flip side, the guy with the '70 T had zero flat spots with my old modified muffler. Perhaps the MFI cars are more sensitive to back pressure levels than the cars with carbs? Anybody have thoughts or experience with this?

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    On a '67S motor with Webers I had good results with modifying a stock muffler according to the old Up-Fixing article, but leaving a single outlet rather than dual. We also cut out the perforated section of piping in the section where the holes are torched in the dividing bulkheads to allow both inlets to share the single outlet better. I have a pic on my website of the original article which shows a couple of cutaway drawings if anyone is interested in a reference. This is my first attempt at posting a link to this board, though, so I hope it comes out OK.

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