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Thread: cd box

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    cd box

    do you toast the cd box when you hook up a dwell meter?

    i need to slap in some new points and did not want to smoke it.
    72 911t * 74 914 2.0

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    No! Do NOT use a dwell meter it will SMOKE your CD box. I learned this the hard way. Don't learn it the hard way like I did.

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    CDI/dwell meter

    Hello tryan,
    I hooked up a dwell meter when I adjusted the points on my S... it still runs.... I connected the colored (yellow) boot/alligator clip to the points terminal @ the distributor and the black boot/alligator clip to ground. It still started, since I needed to readjust the points/dwell. Anyone else do this differently?? Hope this helps.

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    Point gap/dwell meter

    I used an analog dwell meter. It would/should not make a difference if you use a digital meter. An analog meter might be a little easier to read although a digital meter might be more accurate (reads tenths). If there is alot of fluctuation in the readings, the distrib. shaft could be bent. On a scope, the firing lines would waver back and forth.

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    Digital vs. Analog

    Don't digital meters have much higher impedance? I think they would be less likely to damage the CD box.

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    tapping into the feed off the dist the correct way. not at the coil?
    72 911t * 74 914 2.0

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    Digital vs. analog

    Yes, a digital meter is safer. I don't know what happened with targa911s' CDI box (analog meter ? or hook-up??). I've used both (analog and digital) on a 73S and 914-6 and not had any problems... so far.

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    Dwell meter hook-up

    Hello tryan,
    On a regular point ignition system, the point wire connects to the negative terminal on the coil, so you could usually check the dwell at the coil (negative terminal).
    With the CDI, the coil's negative terminal/wire goes to ground at the coil mounting bolt on the fan housing, so one connection (colored boot) would be where the point wire comes out of the distrib. housing, the second connection (black) would be to ground. Hope this helps.

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    thanks guys. (now all that i have to do is figure who i loaned the dwell meter to.)

    i'll tap in at the dizzy. i have everything else converted to optical/hall effect, but this is the only ride with a cd/points.
    72 911t * 74 914 2.0

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    proving its worth

    Well this proves a good point. I had no idea of the hook up that would have saved my CD box. I wish I had posted BEFORE I hooked it up and it would have saved me a LOT of money as it took out coil and CD both. Just goes to show ya two things,

    1.) I'm not too old to learn.
    2.) This site is a wealth of knowledge that can be shared so all can learn.


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