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Thread: interesting fuel pump history

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    interesting fuel pump history

    Earlier in the day I posted a want ad for a source of bendix stickers to go onto a new fuel pump.
    Last weekend I went to the Essen Auto Show in Germany. There is a racing supply house that had the exact fuel pump used on early 911 cars. The manufactures sticker said BENDIX on the cars originally. Now they say FACET. After I bought the pump thinking I was king of the hill for finding a source for NOS early pumps, I opened the box to see everything written in english. A further look showed that the pumps are made in ELMIRA NEW YORK!!!
    I called directory assistance and got the phone #. The company was now Purealator. They bought Facet. Facet had bought BENDIX!! Isn't it odd that Porsche went to a U.S. company in Elmira new York back in the sixties instead of buying from their bed partner BOSCH!!
    I spoke with a very helpfull man named Rich Rollins. He said this OE early Porsche pump can be bought at any NAPA store under part #610-1018.
    Also,he said, " do you remember the old original Bendix back pedal brakes that were on all bikes made for decades?" "We invented those too". Small world we live in. He said that there were no BENDIX stickers left in the factory, so I am still looking for the repros.

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    >interesting fuel pump history


    Check with the vintage drag race guys ...

    I remember back in the 60's the electric fuel pumps we used were the same as on the early Porsches. ... in fact some of us used to refer to them as BENDIX-ELMIRAS'

    Give it a try
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    Rick, this may sound silly, but you might try hot rod sources, or domestic car clubs, like Mustangs, Camaros, 'Vettes, etc. Bendix was used on these cars as well. And especially the 'Vette crowd has people every bit as anal about originality as the PCA concours set. Heck, I put a Bendix electric fuel pump on my first car, a 1950 worked flawlessly. The pump, not the car...
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    Very interesting !! I won't give up, must have a couple stickers!!

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    Thought I'd add this to the database as a possible replacement pump for use with Weber carbs.

    I just ran across an old invoice and box for the replacement fuel pump I used on my bastard 911T w/2.7-use-to-be-2 liter-911S engine.

    It's made by Airtex and is solid state (does not contain any points like the factory Hardi pump). It puts out about 4 psi., made in USA, permanently sealed and with a claimed lifetime limited warranty. I've had it on the car since '98, and so far it's fine. It's clamped onto the front crossmember with a piece of radiator hose between for noise isolation and shock absorption. The number is E80165 and was about $45.00. For that price, it's affordable enough to keep a spare pump in the trunk (which I have yet to do).

    I believe the Bendix pumps have fuel inlet/outlets on the side of it's cylinder-shaped housing. The Airtex pump is shaped like an ignition coil with inlet and outlets on opposite ends which allow for more compact connections to the fuel lines.

    Airtex Automotive Division
    Fairfield, ILL 62837
    1-800-4-AIRTEX (1-800-424-7839)

    Hope this helps (no affilliation)
    Sherwood Lee
    Early 911S Registry web

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    You can get replacement Bendix fuel pump stickers from NLA:

    NLA Limited, Inc.
    P. O. Box 41030
    Reno, NV 89504-5030

    Work: 775-626-7800
    Work: 800-438-8119
    Fax: 775-626-1220

    I have seen the Facet replacement for the Bendix pump, but I thought the only ones I saw were 6V. There is a much smaller 12V Facet that's often used in VWs.

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    Rick, thanks for the explanation. Moorespeed replaced my fuel pump in August. I've wondered why the pump is labeled "Facet", but the invoice listed a Bendix pump.

    And, yes, my first post. I know I only have a T. I hope you don't hold it against me!
    Greg DuPertuis

    1972 911T
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    Thanks for the tip. Bendix (facet,now puralator), has 3 differant models of this pump. They all look exactly the same. One has a differant out put pressure, and the 3rd has a differant thread pitch for the banjo bolts inlet and outlet.
    The Facet is not a "replacment" pump for the bendix,it's the same pump with a differant label due to corperate buy outs.
    To bad they aren't nickle cad plated like the original instead of the current yellow cad.

    RS911t, thanks for the problem with the "T". The factory did some impressive modifications to that model in the late sixties.

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