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Thread: 1972 engine upgrade - whats it going to cost me?

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    1972 engine upgrade - whats it going to cost me?

    I am in the process of buying a 72' 911, and will be deciding shortly between an "S" and a "T" that I have found. I had planned on buying the car, driving it for a while, and when I saved some more money dropping a 3.2 in it. The "S" I am looking at is in great shape, but the engine is tired which would drive me to upgrade earlier. The "T" is, well, a "T" and doesnt have what I am looking for so again I will be looking to upgrade early. For anyone who has done the upgrade, beer math (+/- $1k) what can I expect it to cost me? I appreciate any insight/tips you can offer. This is my first leap in Porsche ownership, and I am relying on some outside help here. Thanks again.


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    A 3.2 upgrade to an early car could easily cost you $7-12K, depending on how much work you do yourself, the condition of the 3.2 you buy, and what else you decide to do "while you're in there" (clutch/pressure plate/flywheel/limited slip/tranny rebuild, etc.)

    Really good, low-mileage 3,2 motors are getting difficult to find used, however, and are fetching quite a price these days. I have seen them for as low as $4500 for a tired one to as much as $6500-7500 for a nice one. For that price, you can buy a used 3.6 liter engine. The conversion is much less straightforward for the 3.6 and will cost you considerably more, probably between $12-15K by the time you get done. Either way, you will have a great car when you get done.

    Good luck,
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    My 3.6 swap was 8K.

    Upgrading oil cooling and brakes was extra.

    Crashing it at Laguna cost even more.

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    Talking What it cost


    I see it didn't cost your sence of humor even after all that.

    All the best!


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    Thanks. My mother always told me. "When life hands you lemons, you make a lightweight RSR replica."

    I never knew what she meant until that day at Laguna.

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    Mom is always right...
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    Thumbs up Mom


    You have a very cool and very smart mom! I do hope you listen to what mom told you. As Tom said "mother is always right".


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    If it was me... which it ain't:

    If I bought the "S" I'd keep it S-T-O-C-K.

    If I bought the "T" I'd do whatever I wanted with it.
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