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Thread: Help need with my 1967 911 instrument gauge wiring

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    Help need with my 1967 911 instrument gauge wiring

    I have a 67 911 which originally came with the standard 5 gauge package but not the combination gauges which came standard on 1967 911S's. The difference between the instruments are that the standard 911 fuel gauge only shows fuel level, whereas the 911S combo gauge has fuel and oil levels. Also, the standard 911 engine temp gauge only shows oil temps un-numbered, whereas the 911S gauge shows engine temp in numbered degrees as well as oil pressure in lbs.

    The question I have is this: I bought a set of early S gauges and was able to hook up the fuel gauge and engine temp gauge without any problems by following the same wiring I used to disconnect the original gauges. However because the S combo gauges have two extra gauges, I am not sure which wires go to the extra gauges, (i.e. the oil pressure and oil level gauges). I assume that Porsche used the same wiring loop for both the standard 911's and 911S's, but I am not sure. Can anyone confirm this? Also, can anybody with an early 911S direct me on which wires go to which contacts on the back of each of the gauges - including ground wires?
    Alternatively, if anyone has a 67 911S perhaps they could open the front hood and take some close up pic's showing what colored wires connect to which contacts, I would greatly appreciate it. These early gauges are hard enough to get to and the wiring is a little too busy back there for trial and error.
    Thanks and Regards

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    here are the diagrams

    you will need the correct/matching sender for both the the oil pressure and temperature gage/gauge. a sender for the oil tank for the oil tank will also be required.

    nothing a little mula won't cure and you'll have a lot more engine info. ( there are different diagrams for the 65 s vs non s on the link)

    72 911t * 74 914 2.0

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    Help need with my 1967 911 instrument gauge wiring

    Thanks for the quick response. I will need to spend more time perusing Pelican's site so I don't have to bother you next time!
    Thanks also for the info on the needed sender units. I actually knew about the oil pressure sending unit having two prongs instead of one and went out and bought one. Just didn't know how to hook up the lines in the dash.


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    i would see if the wires exist that you need in the stock harness for the tank level.

    a oil pressure sending unit is about the size of a half a can of campbell soup. you might have a safety sender ( kills the coil when the oil pressure is low). i may be wrong, but my 72 does not have an oil pressure light. you can use the existing wire, but you must have the proper sender to match that gage or you will get imprecise reading. anybody have a part # for senders vs gauges?

    this board has quite a few extremly knowledgable members of the early models.

    edit ... it looks like a green wire with a red stripe. the diagrams don't give a terminal # on the gage. i would print it out and pull the dash out. pull the steering wheel. make a pot of coffee. put a few pillows in the seat. disconnect the battery. and study the old and new gage. take a few digital pixs. and go for it.
    72 911t * 74 914 2.0

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    This is my first post on this board, and this topic is really interesting me !

    My oil temp gauge currently works upside down.
    As I start, il goes to max temp, and after 20 minutes, it starts "lowering".
    I checked ALL the wiring, which is correct.
    I am considering the replacement of the oli temp sending unit.
    This part changed in september 68 (pre : $250, post : $20).
    Guess which one I prefer !

    Oil temp sending units are the same for S, E ant T models.
    the oil temp gauge changed in semtember 69 (acc. to Pelican)
    Thus, the sending unit should send relevant information to the gauge (logically).

    Can someone confirm that both oil temp sending units are compatible (pre 68 and post 68) ?

    Thank you !

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    You do not say what year car/guage you have, but the senders and guages are not compatable at all. If you have a pre-68 sender you need the pre-68 guage. Right now i guess you have a pre guage (green on black lettereing) and a post sender. Get a white and black oil guage and you should be okay. i know, i went through this too. If you are anal about it, you can have the faceplate of the guage switched so you still have a green on black guage.
    '65 911

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    Along with Pelican's wiring diagrams, here are some early 911 wiring diagrams you can download and print at hi-res.


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    Hello studeb

    Thank you for the reply, and sorry for the lack of precision. I have a short wheelbased 68T since almost a year now. Thus, I have the white on black jauge (with a simple temp gauge)

    Are you sure about the non-compatibility of the gauges ?
    Because the senders and the gauges did not change the same year :
    - 68 for sending units
    - 69 for gauges
    So post 68 sending units could fit 69 gauges don't they ?

    Anyway, if the sending units and the gauges are not compatible, I will prefer installing a post 69 combo jauge rather than buying a $250 temp sending unit !

    Is ot what you went through ?


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    I installed today my oil temp sending unit (post 68) on my pre 68 911T. IT FITS !
    Reminder : pre68 sensor is $250
    post-68 sensor is $30

    The sent information are well recognized by the gauge (same behavior than before).

    So by gauge still displays upside down oil temperatures !

    If anyone has input

    Thanks ! Dooop

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